Friday, January 14, 2011

2 weeks in

14-day status update
how's your 2011 going?

mine has been pretty good so far; after all, i'm well-rested, healthy, and about to embark on a 3-day weekend! however, i have to admit that my resolutions? um, yeah . . . that part is just not going quite as swimmingly. i feel like my mind has not yet gotten out of vacation mode -- and the snow days certainly haven't helped!

two of my favorite bloggers recently wrote about self-care, a concept i agree is truly important. sometimes it's just necessary to take a step back and relax, no matter what the schedule says! but as allie recently remarked (girl is wise beyond her years!): "I tried making the excuse that I was listening to my body but I soon realized I was just being a lazy bum."

there's a blurry line there, i realize. but lately, i think i've been crossing it!

going to bed early + sleeping 9 hoursself-care
skipping out on yoga to lie on the couch watching desperate housewiveslazy
a quiet evening at home readingself-care
making dinner from a box even though i got home at 5 and skipped out on yogalazy

of course, these are debatable, but i feel like i've been hanging out over on the lazy bum side of things for the past several days, and i'm ready to get out of my rut. i guess maybe i need another do-over!

so how 'bout those resolutions?
for accountability's sake, here's my 2-week status report:

#1: studying every weekday for 30 minutes on days that i arrive home prior to 6:30. i started off well, but honestly i've fallen off the wagon (to some degree) already. HOWEVER: i'm getting back on! we have an in-training exam in march, and perhaps i need to use this as a motivator. i think i will whip out the content specifications and make a list of topics to review, so that i am feeling less aimless when it's time to hit the books.

#2: workout reform. while i'm not exactly gushing about how much i love this change in my weekly workouts, i've been sticking to my 10 mi/week limit and have been going to yoga enough to start feeling less like an imposter and more like . . . well, someone who goes to yoga. i skipped out on the class i had planned to attend this week, which was a mistake! yoga IS self-care. i am looking forward to another andrea m class this weekend!

#3: get out and DO things! i think i've done pretty well with this one, even if we haven't gotten too wild and crazy just yet. this 3-day weekend will be another opportunity to find some fun and interesting things to do, and i'm looking forward to it.

#4: see a prenatal RD + work on eating to conceive. does heather's post count? probably not, but her advice was a great start (thank you again, heather!). i actually have tried calling the RD that was recommended to me several times, but have not heard back (weird!). i guess perhaps i will need to try a different one. i will say that i feel like i've been eating a LOT lately; i'm fine with that but would like to make sure that the majority of it is healthy/nutrient-rich (as opposed to, say, martha cookies . . .hypothetically speaking, of course.)

#5: participate in a service project i have actually made some headway on this one! i volunteered at a nursery school the other day, and will be pitching a child health-focused program to one of the local grocery store chains. i'm also starting to rally troops for this year's great human race -- we will be again fundraising for the wonderful cause reach out & read. (no, i won't be defending my age-group title this year -- but at least a slow 5K fits into my training allowance!)

#6: slow down and relax. let's just say i've got my work cut out for me here. this topic deserves its own post! however, i know that every day is a chance to work on this (very important) goal. i will try to remember that each morning.

how are your resolutions going? i think 2 weeks is a good time to review and troubleshoot -- after all, there are 50 more weeks left in the year to work out the kinks!

guest post!!
i wrote my 2nd ever guest post for priyanka at the healthy diary -- you can read my top 5 rules for getting organized here!

(i need to follow my own advice -- particularly rule #2)



workout: 30 minutes @ 9:13/mi pace (3.2 mi) on the TM, 0.5% incline

cop-out dinner: at least my dinner from a box sort of LOOKED homemade:

the magic of adding a little green

this whole foods brand tofu pad thai wasn't half bad! but i really could have cooked, though.

reading: i came back from my first day in lab a little stunned (it's so weird to feel like i'm starting from scratch again) and couldn't bring myself to crack open the books. i think i'll do better once i put a more specific plan into place!


  1. I totally agree with the need to evaluate self-care vs. lazy. I tend to fall into the trap too often that "I'm tired so my body NEEDS me to lay on the couch all night and watch television" but I know its not true. I also really enjoyed the post on pre-prenatal nutrition and although I am quite actively avoiding pregnancy at this point in my life, I now know I should be taking a multivitamin with folic acid just in case. And I'll definitely be well prepared a few years down the road when it is time to start thinking about those things.

  2. Anonymous8:08 AM

    this is a very timely post. i've been doing great on some of my resolutions, but some of them definitely need a (another?) kick-start. thanks for getting me thinking.

    also, it seriously made my day to get another post from you yesterday on priyanka's blog! apparently i can't get enough of you.

  3. It is a tough line to walk. The thing that I struggle with (more so when I was doing long runs) was the need to feel like I was filling every second of my weekend with productive activity when all I wanted to do was lay on the couch and relax. But in the end, if I listened to my body, I was usually bored with laying around after an hour or two and way productive with my day than I would have been if I had pushed through and hated my life. Still guilt inducing, though...

  4. Good work with your resolutions Sarah!

    I have to be careful with the "listening to my body" excuse as well. I'm always feeling tired and always want to take naps but sleeping all day is not very good for me :-)

  5. Is that your 2nd ever guest post for priyanka, or your 2nd ever guest post, period?
    L, da

  6. I'm a huge believer in self-care being essential to health.
    I just recently attended a mind-body skills training, where the theme seems to be "self-care is the new healthcare."
    In many ways, this should be true!

  7. Monica8:34 PM

    @LisaI love that quote Lisa! So true!

  8. Monica8:36 PM

    Thanks for checking in on your own goals and resolutions, it reminds me to do the same!

  9. amanda + angeliki: i'm glad it's not just me :)

    sarah: you are too sweet! thank you.

    chelsea: you are SO unlazy! i can just tell from your posts. so don't worry a thing.

    da: i think ever!

    lisa: i like that quote a lot, too. we should put it up in endo clinic . . .

    monica: glad you liked it - i'll try to do it periodically so that i don't forget about 'em!

  10. Hahaha glad you liked my tidbit about being a lazy bum. It's true. I was rockin' the lazy card this week. You on the other hand are WORKING and actually have important responsibilities so you need all the self care in the world. Not I!

  11. I'm actually taking a lifecycle nutrition class this semester in which we'll be focusing on pre-natal and pregnancy nutrtition--I'll be sure to pass on any tips!