Tuesday, December 28, 2010

resolution #4: from within

food-related resolutions
they're clichéd.
they're ubiquitous.
and they are notoriously short-lived.

magazines like whole living are chock full of stringent dietary advice, including a detailed 4-week "cleanse".

i do have to concede that the cover art sure is attractive, though

this plan starts you off with the following list of "allergenic" foods to avoid for the first week:

i.e.: almost everything

even yesterday's lunch box (which i personally deem to meet my standard of healthy) would be scorned: wheat and dairy are all OVER the place, not to even mention the two extra-dry martinis i imbibed*.

and yet, every year i fall into the trap, allured by a fresh new year glimmering off in the distance. after all, while aiming to live better, i need to feel great, and that has to start from within . . . right?

so if not cleanses and detox, what does that entail? i feel like i've had enough years of trial & error with my body to know what works for me.

i feel best when i . . . :
eat in far more than out
bring plenty of healthy snacks to work
include fruits & vegetables at every meal and often feature them front & center
choose high quality local foods whenever possible
slow down and pay attention to hunger cues (this applies to both mid-meal and during a busy clinic day when sometimes i will realize suddenly that i absolutely cannot think straight because i am hangry)
don't regularly drink alcohol on weeknights (and stick to generally 1 drink/night on weekends)

however, this year is a bit different. even though i think i know myself, i am going to seek advice from an expert, too. i think embracing a fertility-friendly lifestyle will be easier if i have some professional guidance, so i am going to see an RD to see if there are any suggestions of things to add/delete/change in my diet. it is covered by my insurance, so i have nothing to lose!

and because of this, i am going to wait to make any specific goal at this point -- so just consider this resolution a placeholder. for now, my nutrition-centered goals are to pay a little more attention to what i'm eating, and to get the appointment scheduled.

has anyone reading ever seen an RD for an evaluation, and was it helpful?

[*just wanted to see if anyone was still paying attention!]

finding balance
in a fitful act of self-pity, as one of two rather impulsive christmas gifts to myself (umm, the anthro sale booty is still on its way . . .) i bought a package of 21 classes at blue point yoga. i attended my first class yesterday ("all levels" with staci, for anyone local) and really enjoyed it.

i always feel like an impostor in a real yoga studio -- a runner who just happened to wander in by mistake. after all, most of the yoga sessions i've done in the last year have been virtual via yogadownload. and certain parts of me are SO tight it's unreal (helloooo, hamstrings). but a distance running background does provide the advantages of endurance and persistence, and after a few chaturangas i relaxed and realized that this may be the outlet i was looking for.

i was also happy to find that i can still do crow:

though not as prettily as janet, i imagine

and i have my sights set on this:

i could hold this one for a few seconds -- but only against the wall!

and with that, i'm off on this morning's allotted 3-miler. this time i am thrilled to note that i am not on page.



workout: 90 minute yoga class ( <-- don't be fooled by the length; there were long, relaxing warm-up and cooldown segments) @ blue point

cuisine: l.e.f.t.o.v.e.r.s! a monday ritual.

apartment therapy update: i'm a day behind, but josh identified something for me to fix last night -- a little project for today.


  1. Ehhh it would be extremely hard (actually probably impossible) for me to avoid soy products or caffeine so traditional "detoxing" will not be happening in my foreseeable future but I agree with knowing what works for your body :-). I have considered seeing an RD or nutritionist but I don't know if I'd have the time or energy to actually implement any potential changes.

  2. Hey Sarah, I've met with Kelly at LFL twice (once for fertility diet and once after getting pregnant). You've actually met her a couple times too, she's my "nutritionist friend" that I've brought to a couple gatherings (Guglhupf dinner and your place). If your apt is with her tell her hello for me! (Email me if you want her contact info.)

  3. I get a bit bothered by all the diets and cleanses around this time of year. Why can't people just take care of themselves year round instead of bingeing on "health" for a week or two. I am interested in finding out how to fertility and RD appointments go, because I have a feeling I iwll be doing the same in the future.

  4. Whole Living is usually my most favorite magazine and I felt the same way when I read that article about "detoxing" the other day. I sort of glanced it over and then just moved on because it felt so strict to the point that it didnt feel like a healthy mindset of eating anymore. Im much more about adding in more healthy things than taking away. Ive never met with an RD but definitely curious to hear about it if you decide to go.

  5. I'm still trying to figure out exactly HOW I found your blog, but now that I've been here for a while (reading, but not commenting) I hope you don't mind if I chime in. I literally laughed out loud when I read what you said about feeling like an imposter when you enter a yoga studio -- I am also a runner, and I completely understand that feeling! I want to LOVE yoga, and sometimes I do, but mostly, I just marvel at what everyone else seems to be able to do. I can SORT of do crow, but headstands completely elude me. And so too does WHY I want to be able to do it.

    Anyway, good luck with the nutritionist, and try hard not to stress too much about getting pregnant. Sometimes the worry can do you in.

  6. Ha! The martini comment made me laugh out loud.

  7. Just catching up on your blog--I hope you get pregnant soon! You seem like a pretty healthy eater to me but I'm anxious to hear what the RD says.

    I am sitting here eating chocolates and wondering if I need to make a resolution of some kind...

  8. Anonymous12:28 AM

    I am officially envious of your crow. I fall in to a hot mess every time I try.

    Of course I'm (very selfishly) bummed to lose a long run partner, but so glad you're changing things up for the long-term good! I'm always still up for a shorter run (+ coffee after?) a yoga adventure (I haven't been to a single class since I moved to NC...eeeek). We can have a tight-hamstring party in the back of the class. :)

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