Monday, November 05, 2012

operation streamline: game on

in line with my time management goals for november
i have planned out the week to hopefully make things a little easier during the evenings.

more sleep and time for relaxation will hopefully --> more happiness although i admit i am already missing my endorphin rush.  [hitting the chiro today before work -- will report back].

in order to hold myself accountable to the goal of setting more manageable evening dinner plans for myself, i figured i can post a weekly rundown here.  for accountability's sake, to share with others who might be in similar situations, and so that i can continue to troubleshoot.

week of nov 5 - nov 11

note -- i would love to include workouts here, and i will as soon as i am able to do anything again without back pain.  maybe next week!?  but for now, every day is a rest day.  hoping i won't go too crazy . . .

[work meetings until 6 pm]
dinner:  leftover african peanut soup

beef + veg bowls [quick clean eating recipe]

pierogies [from frozen] + steamed snap peas

leftovers, or if nothing leftover -- pick something up

guests arrive :)  [my darlings, if you are reading this -- i hope you like take out!!]

out @ revolution with guests and hopefully josh if he is not doing some emergency surgery
babysitter arranged!

dinner TBD [likely chili or something that will provide good leftovers]
make baby food:  some kind of meat / carrots / pears / sweet potatoes


 last night's bounty:  butternut squash, apple/pear mix, peas

 and just because i can't help myself
7 months old!!!