Monday, March 21, 2011

morning routine, take 2

getting started right
confession: i've been falling off of my own AM routine wagon.

this blueprint certainly isn't bad, but things change. i still get up early, but my workouts typically aren't as long as they used to be. yet instead of having MORE time to get ready, somehow i have found myself with less.

sometimes it's because i spend too long reading blogs.

sometimes it's because i spend too long writing a post.

sometimes it's because i get caught up in work stuff: checking labs even before i take over the pager to be on call.

one philosophy might be to say, "who cares?" and just head into work a little later. however, i have found that this often leads to a rushing mentality that bleeds into the rest of the workday. if i start with enough time to get organized and really plot out my attack on the workday, the entire day tends to go more smoothly. i am less likely to be derailed by a new diabetic in the ED [quite a common event in my line of work].

so beginning with today, i am going to bring a some structure back into my morning routine.

AM schedule

5:00 wake up + meditate [5 minutes or more]

5:15 make breakfast + pack lunch <-- definitely need to get back into this habit!

5:25 eat breakfast + browse blogs [i know: not in accordance with mindful eating principles. but i love doing these activities simultaneously!]

5:45 write + edit post

6:30 run or other workout*

7:15 shower + get ready

7:45 out the door

* on days that i have weights + XT planned, i may get up a little earlier, since these workouts can take an hour with travel time to and from the gym.

obviously, this version isn't ALL that different from the previous one, but i think that laying things out to really account for each minute helps! i'll let you all know how it goes. how do you organize your morning? since most of us probably go through the same motions each weekday, to me it makes sense to analyze our patterns and see what is working for us (and what isn't!).

cutback week
when you're training for a marathon, cutback weeks are interspersed throughout the training schedule to provide a break from high mileage and challenging speed workouts. these weeks help to prevent injury, fatigue, and burnout. well: i'm taking a cutback week [or weeks] from my 40-day journey!

i have really enjoyed the aspects of the program i have participated in thus far [some of the meditation, lots of yoga, the great excavation questions]. however, with my supraspinatus tendon injury [i think that's what it is], i know i need to stay away from the chaturangas for at least a little while.

so: during my cutback week [or weeks!] i will still work on living out the principles i have learned in weeks past. i still plan on incorporating meditation [and believe me, i could use the extra practice], yoga sessions, and attention to diet.

hopefully baron won't mind me taking a few liberties with his famed program

time, time, time
susan left this wise comment the other day in reference to residency survival tips [she is a nurse and therefore her career has plenty of parallels!]:
One of my biggest tips is that not everything is a crisis. . . some things can wait until you finish your sandwich. Once I learned that not everything needs to be done NOW, I relaxed a lot.
while i believe she was referring more to patient requests and MD pages, i think it could be applied to almost anything [TTC; running; yoga; family issues; work].

just another reason to practice patience on this busy monday morning.

coming up: reach out & read 2011 + a giveaway!



workout: total rest, unless you count walking around whole foods [at least my credit card got some exercise . . .]

pizza night
another bow to josh's request:

american flatbread revolution + tomato/celery/avocado salad with lime vinaigrette