Monday, August 02, 2010

up & at 'em

good morning!
i feel pretty rested this AM. this is good, because i'm headed into a week of call. i'm already feeling somewhat less anxious about it (ie: i'll know where to start when i get that 'my diabetic kid is vomiting' call at 2 in the morning), so hopefully it will be a little easier on my psyche than it was last time.

speaking of mornings, sarah of run sarah requested that i share my AM routine for the work week. i think i've done this before, but perhaps not since starting fellowship?

the current routine
5:00: get up. and no, it's not that bad (since i usually go to bed before 10), and it's not even lonely solitary time -- josh is typically at least an hour ahead of me! i spend this first 30 minutes of awake time making coffee, toasting up something for breakfast, and putting together my lunch. when i've got all that together, i sit back and munch while sipping coffee, uploading photos, and reading a couple of my favorite blogs.

5:30: (or thereabouts) marks the deadline to get to work on my own post. i really do try to watch the clock and limit this time because i know from experience i could go on for wayyyyy too long.

6:15: run or other workout. this morning i get to go outside (yay!), the rest of the week i will be gym-bound since i will be on the pager.

~7:10: shower (always the place where i figure out what to wear), and get ready for work. my hair only needs about 5 minutes of blow-drying, so that definitely speeds things along.

7:35: out the door! my commute is about 15 minutes door to door to our outpatient clinic, 25 minutes door to door to the hospital (it's slightly farther away, plus there are parking issues).

one difference for me has been that i used to stress if i left later. now, it's less of a big deal and i try to just relax and enjoy the drive (accompanied by G105 or WUNC, depending on my mood).

. . . and that's pretty much it. i have figured out that i am MUCH happier working out in the mornings, as it sets a relaxing/energized tone for the day plus negates any stress about fitting it in at the end of the work day, which can be unpredictable these days.

what time do you get up in the morning? i bet i'm not the earliest!

HP theme for august: time & money
this month's theme is going to be a little different. earlier in the year, i wrote down 12 areas i wanted to focus on. i'm hoping that one will pique my interest each month, and so far that's been the case (with mindfulness and work calling my name thus far).

this august, i'm going to take a closer look at what happens to two important resources: time (non-renewable, sadly) and money (renewable . . . but still finite!).


i still want to put a bit more thought into weekly goals, so that will likely form the basis for tomorrow's post. for now, it's 6:05 -- time to wrap it up and get outside :)



workout: 10 miles in chapel hill, average 8:58/mi. a faster long run for me these days! i attribute the increased pace to much cooler temperatures (it was in the high 60s) and fear of an impending thunderstorm (phobia = catecholamine surge + huge speed movitator).

a foodie first: this dinner doesn't look all that exciting:

and it wasn't, really -- i just pulled things out of the pantry, looking for something to match the gloomy weather. but this was the first time i've ever tried sardines! i've been wanting to try them ever since kath wrote about them ages ago. apparently, they are quite a nutritious protein source. i enjoyed this sandwich -- it tasted like slightly milder and fancier tuna.

project corner: it was not the most exciting weekend, but it was super-productive! i finished my HLS draft, worked on my research grant application, and got a lot of studying done. i still have plenty ahead of me, but i feel like i'm in a good position to begin the new week.


  1. I get up at 4:40 - a tiny bit before you. I set the alarm for 4:20 and punch snooze twice.

    So do you eat breakfast before you work out?

  2. I get up at 7. Seems late but I work out in the afternoon or evening. I have to leave my house at 8:10 to get to work by 8:30.

  3. atilla8:05 AM

    5AM stretch, walk, newspaper and crossword puzzle then make lunch and out the door --- pretty much my routine

  4. Anonymous8:27 AM

    i've been getting up at 8 lately. which is sleeping in for me! but i know that this won't last long as i'll only be an unemployed graduate for a little while longer. boo

  5. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Thanks for sharing your routine! Mine is similar but I don't blog in the AM and usually do the coffee/breakfast/lunch thing post workout. I have been up at 6/630 lately as my rotation allows for a nice 9am start and its only a 5 min walk away!

  6. My alarm is usually set for 6:20, but the cat has been getting me up earlier. I don't work until the afternoon, but I like mornings and it's too hot to run later anyway.

  7. i wake up at 5 as well (4:30 on days when I want to squeeze in a quick run in the morning), but i am at my desk by 7:05am. it sounds nuts, but i get to leave at 3:30, which is awesome for me, and it also means that i get every 4th monday off.
    can't wait for your time management presentation!

  8. WOW. I used to get up at 5 in high school and run before school, but now, I admit, I'm a lazy butt. It's also hard because my boyfriend's schedule doesn't coincide with that at all. But props to you for not making any excuses! You're one tough cookie. :D