Saturday, July 31, 2010

weekend balance

work AND play?
last weekend was fun (and more-than-a-little-indulgent), but rather unproductive, really. but josh was off and we had a great time together, so it worked! this weekend he is bound to his pager, but rather than pouting about it, i'm actually looking forward to balancing rest/relaxation and my to-do list.

first stop: used bookstore! in the spirit of minimalism (a little apartment therapy?), josh and i have decided to keep our collection of volumes to just essentials/favorites/things we REALLY think we might want to read again. therefore, while i truly enjoyed many of these works, it's time to let them go.

don't worry, the murakami collection isn't going anywhere.

i am posting the picture in part because i am fairly certain that the used book store will not want all of these titles. if you are coveting any of them, let me know -- perhaps we can arrange a trade!

next stop: gym for some magazine catch-up time and upper body weights, and then it's cleaning/study/project tackling time. oh, it's a glamorous life i'm leading over here! certainly not spectacular blog fodder. but i have to admit that i like it.

i may not be doing anything more exciting, but it will be a new month -- which means new goals. i'm going to tear myself away from the 'work' theme . . . get ready!



workout: 30 minutes of AM yoga from yogadownload.

sushi!: we enjoyed delicious sushi from just-down-the-street sushi yoshi last night. i forgot my camera, but i've captured yoshi's delicacies before here and here. YUM.

board prep: did not happen. i was supposed to make up for slacking on tuesday but friday is just NOT meant to be a studying night for me! i was also at work until 7:30, so . . . yeah. but josh had this out when i ventured into the kitchen this AM:

hmm . . . isn't this MY territory? a subtle reminder that i need to start hitting the books unless i want a surgery resident lecturing me about glucose metabolism? thanks for the hint, babe.


  1. Funny, I've been reviewing beta oxidation and PDH regulation for my thesis :) Good to see that knowledge may be useful in the future! And if you'd like to increase your Dr. Seuss collection, I could help with that, but I don't think I have much to offer in terms of more mature literature. Also, I've got a free CD coming my way and am looking for something upbeat. If you had to choose between "The Fame" and "The Fame Monster", what would your preference be?

  2. Anonymous10:00 AM

    new month = new goals indeed. can't believe how fast the summer is flying by! i feel like i was just setting july goals and reviewing june!

    and if you have any murder/mystery books that you're getting rid of i'd love to do some trading. i have a book called "Trail of crumbs" that i think you'd like based on the titles in that picture. but i also have lots of detective novels too :)

  3. Hello Sarah, I'm here from Kath eats - where you were so kind to answer to my comment!thank you ! I live in Italy and here there's no way you can rent a house like this one. Or maybe you can if you can afford, let's say, 6.000 euro minimum per month ? I don't know about the US, but that's not the standard budget here ;)
    Actually I am looking for a new house (for rent) and the one I like is about 600 euro/month, and I am talking about 1 bedroom + studio apartment (80 square meters) without garage ... So this was the reason for my curiosity ;)

    BTW... Murakami is on of my favorite writes too!(but not his last book on his running "career")

  4. luna: wow, $6000/month!! no, cville is definitely not at that level, although i am sure many homes in NYC and other areas are.

    i love murakami -- i agree his 'running' work wasn't the same writing-wise, but i still enjoyed it. my favorite is probably the wind-up bird chronicle - and i am slowly working my way through his entire (english-translated) library.

  5. bridgette: that's like asking me to choose between two children! no, kidding. i think perhaps the second, but both are great!

    MM: i have never gotten into mysteries -- but i know they are SUPER popular (i think chelsea from earlyrunner is a fan too?). although some of my murakami favorites do have mysterious angles, they don't really make 'sense' in the end the way traditional mysteries do.

  6. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Sarah - Have you looked into My mom is in love with the site - you can list all your books that you're willing to swap, and for every book you send to someone, you can request a book from someone else. Not a bad idea!