Monday, October 08, 2018

weekend report / hot Monday

I'm off today, and was really looking forward to it until about 11 pm when Josh informed me that our A/C is broken.  Gahhh!  I am currently sweating while drinking coffee and wondering when the earliest possible HVAC service appointment is.

I just checked the weather and found out that on the upside, our high is only 86 today (it's 81 now; there are really no "lows" ever here).  On the down, I guess I was too distracted by political news to notice this mess:

Well.  I am glad it is not predicted to head here directly, but I feel so bad for those in the cone yet again.  2 more months of hurricane season to go - hoping that this one fizzles out quickly.


I think I mentioned that this was a Josh/CALL weekend.  I tried my best to put plans in place, and there were some good times.  Overall, though -- it felt a little lonely and chaotic in parts, I have to admit.  G is at such a sweet, lovable, adorable age -- she delights in everything (our friend over dinner described it as a permanent acid trip!).  But it's such a hands on age.  Literally, while she's awake, it's all about her.  It has to be, for safety's sake!  Even with a helmet (ha).  

On Saturday, she did take a nap.  On Sunday, she tried to - and then A&C decided to have an incredibly loud screaming/hitting match and woke her up 5 minutes into her sleep cycle.  Nap = decimated.  My plans to work out = also decimated.  Obviously this is not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but it put me in a low mood for much of the day.  

I will say I made the most of scheduling some play dates/etc to break up the time!  In case anyone is curious what a mostly-solo parenting weekend w/ 3 looks like, here's a quick breakdown (thank you, little time tracking journal!):

7:45 - ran outside while Josh was still home
9:00 - park with both kids.  It felt GLORIOUS at a breezy 83 degrees and lower humidity than usual!
10:30 - G nap x 2 hrs; made lunch for kids, A&C played during this time pretty well
12:20 - G up; Josh was able to swing by and take A to piano for 30 min
1:15 - A's friend came over, bringing our kid/parent ratio to 4:1.  However, A/her friend/C played together fairly well so this wasn't as bad as it sounds.
4:00 - A's friend goes home; I took all 3 in pool which is somehow getting colder 
6:00 - babysitter arrives HALLELUJAH . . . I shower luxuriously and get ready to go out
7:00 - put G to bed
7:15 - Josh and I head out to dinner w/ friends at Ferraro's Kitchen - recommend.
(G up 2:30 am)
11:15 - sleep

6:30 - G up.  (I was not happy about this!); hang with kids
9:30 - the aforementioned G nap fail
10:30 - drive to WF with all 3; get essentials for home + brunch + bring to friend's house
11:30 - play date with our good friends with girls A&C's ages
3:30 - home; told kids if they helped clean up they could watch TV
4:30 - it worked; they watched several episodes of Berenstein Bears, I gave G dinner, bath, and cleaned up as much as she would allow
6:15 - Josh home; dinner with big kids
7:00 - G to bed; clean kitchen while listening to new addictive podcast, Escaping NXIVM (it's about an MLM/cult and told in investigative journalism style - definitely some disturbing parts, but fascinating nonetheless)
8:00 - read with big kids & put them to bed (read them 2 chapters Dory Fantasmagory - you guys I LOVE these books, her drawing are adorable and her sense of humor is right on!)
8:30 - watch This Is Us
10:00 - sleep
11:45, 4:20 - G up.  Maybe because our house is 83 degrees and rising . . . aghghghgh

SO, there you go.  I survived.  The house is a not pristinely clean but not a disaster.  I did no laundry. I was mildly miserable on Sunday mostly because I really wanted to get my workout in and had no time to do that.  Josh had a lot going on at work clinically (ER call Sunday especially); perhaps I should have arranged a short stint of childcare to get a run in, but I thought G would nap . . .

Oh well.  It's a new day.  New week.  And maybe our A/C will get fixed promptly!  One can dream . . .

WORKOUTS last week:

M - run 3 mi, 9:46/mi around our neighborhood

T - Upper Fix (30 min)

W - run 3.1 mi around our neighborhood, 10:14/mi (I think I stopped in there somewhere to talk w/ Josh's dad)

R - Lower Fix (30 min)

F - rest

S - run 3.6 mi, 10:28/mi (not sure why slower but I did walk a short segment)

S - unplanned rest (#napfail)


Coming this week: Kid updates (G 10 months / C 4.5 / A 6.5) + Installment #2 of Planner Review Series!

Assorted Weekend Pix:

G dinner

I have high hopes for a good holiday card photo this year in these outfits!

Pants with a unicorn on the butt = love

all 3

the nap that didn't fail

I was proud of this snack-plate lunch for everyone on Saturday!

G exploring music

at our friend's house - I had to capture C being this nice to G (maybe he's turning a corner . . . 10 months in)