Tuesday, July 18, 2017

time crunch, epilogue

You guys are great :) Thank you for your helpful insights the last couple of posts.  After writing them, I have become more aware of the time I do have (which is actually a good bit!) and am trying to use it better.   I find myself about 9000 more satisfied with my time use if I am:

a) taking time to work out most days
b) NOT spending it on my phone

. . . and the latter has been a challenge for me lately.  Josh has actually been quite an inspiration in this regard -- look at his tracking app stats from the last 11 months:

large reduction in screen time and % of awake time spent on phone

huge reduction in pickups - and an increase in (phone-detected) sleep!

He has to respond to texts at work so it's not like he will ever get to zero, but I am IMPRESSED.  I have had periods of excellent stats and other times when I am spending a hideous percentage of my 'free' hours scrolling.  

I do enjoy Instagram (posting + reading), but honestly that's really the only 'recreational' thing I want to use my phone for.  I also tend to get sucked into text message conversations -- not that I don't love my friends (I do!) but I think maybe sometimes I just need to pick up the @#&#! phone and CALL.  I never want to initiate a phone call (EVER . . .) but when I do, I am always happy I did.

Since writing those last two posts and starting to try to make the most (or at least MORE) of my alone hours, I have felt much more at peace.  There has been more reading, more ideas flowing, and just more enjoyment (maybe just due to increased awareness?) of the time I do have.

In other news ... I kind of want to start a podcast.  (Because clearly I have time for that, right?  Hahaha).  Unless someone can recommend a great one centered on life as a working woman in the throes of parenthood with young children ... suggestions welcome!

Workouts week of July 10-16 
pregnancy week 19

Monday - rest

Tuesday  - treadmill 3.38 mi / 40 min.  6 x 5 min running with 2 min walk breaks.

Wednesday - treadmill 3.6 mi / 42 min.  2 x 10 min running with 2 min walk break, then 3 spurts of 'faster' running for 4 minutes each

Thursday - barre3 30 min workout

Friday - rest

Saturday - treadmill 4.07 mi / 46 min.  24 min running (conveniently, an entire episode of Wild Kratts), 3 min walk break, then 0.25 mi x 5 at faster paces

Sunday - rest

totals - 11 miles, 1 barre3 workout