Tuesday, November 08, 2016

weekly report

Because we all need a break from the election and life is going to go on either way.  Right?  Right.


M - 6 relaxed miles, 9:57/mi average, HR 171, 81F because I ran in the afternoon due to half-day I took off for Halloween.  I am confident my heart rate was up 100% because of the heat. 

Also restarted pushups app, wk 1 day 1

T - Barre3 weekly workout

W - 3 x 1 mile at short tempo pace.  Warmup mile 10:16, then mile 1 at 8:30, mile 2 at 8:16, and mile 3 at 8:29.  1 minute recovery intervals.  Cooldown mile at 11:14.  Total: 5.17 mi, 9:37/mi ave, HR ave 166, 75F.

R - Barre3 prior to leaving for Gainesville

Pushups week 1 day 2

F - nothing

S - nothing again (working out while traveling with the kids is a skill I have yet to master)

S - 6 mi with 4 at tempo pace.  Mile 1 (warmup) 10:05, mile 2 9:02, mile 3 8:54, mile 4 9:13, mile 5 8:54, mile 6 12:04 (I was dead!).  Ave HR 173, ave pace 9:42, 72F.


OMG.  I don't even know.  Pizza.  Leftovers.  Fast food.  Wedding food (well, that part was good).  It was not a healthy week from a nutrition perspective.  And I feel like ($*#& probably as a result.  Contemplating going back to my paleo roots though with more leeway/flexibility than the way I approached it the first time around.  Will do a post on this later :)


Still Maria Semple's Today Will Be Different, but I'm almost done!  What should I read next?

Podcast favorites:

Another Note to Self win: Mindfulness On Demand, about Silicon Valley's spiritual advisor.

I also liked Planet Money's podcast about their No-Brainer Economic Platform, which was a group of economists of all different political leanings (from libertarian to super-left) and the policies that they all agreed on, and yet how their recommendations would be extremely unpopular (ie un-electable).    

Insta of the Week:

Paleo Musings.  Appreciate the feedback!