Monday, November 21, 2016

weekend and swirling thoughts

This weekend included:

- Miami Book Fair!  Our kids are still too young for this to be a super-literary experience for Josh and me, but it was still a lot of fun.  (Until both kids decided they were tired and our bold move to go stroller-less backfired).

- 9 mi run, most of it along the boardwalk, ocean in full view

- dinner with friends hosted at our house!  As I predicted, Cameron went to bed just fine at 8 (despite napping until after 5!) but Annabel was still chatting with our guests until 9.  We did wine/cheese/olives, and then I made Lamb Chops with Orzo Cucumber Salad, and the meal came together easily.  Admittedly it wasn't as relaxing as a date night out, but it was still fun.

- SLEPT IN until . . .6:47.  Ahh well.  I tried.  I heard "Mommy I AWAKE" on the monitor so . . . that was that.  I had planned on getting up early to do my usual AM routine + barre3 but the wine I drank Saturday night made that sound very unappealing.

- Swim class.  A can now pretty much swim!  And C is getting there with his survival skills and can go on his own for short distances (he hasn't mastered breathing yet).  

- Totally lazy afternoon with Annabel.  She colored, I read a book on my phone*, and Cameron slept 3 hrs.  

- Quick stop at the Children's Museum for the hour before closing (we're members and live 10 minutes away, so short trips are fine).  It's actually a great time to go - no crowds!

- Fam dinner out at Harry's pizza. Love that place.


I also woke up at 2:30 AM feeling an odd mix of anticipation, wistfulness, and stress.  I probably should have gotten out of bed, but I ended up finishing my book (Melissa Hartwig's Food Freedom Forever, on a whim and a friend's recommendation) and then spent another hour in half-dreaming mode before I gave up and just got out of bed.

Maybe it's the fact that I (finally!) finished the 2015 photobook and was shocked to see that many of the outings that seemed so recent were in fact from a year ago.  Maybe it's just noticing A&C growing up, very quickly.  Maybe it's the recent current events/unstable feeling I get from reading the news (or avoiding it).  But whatever the reason, I just felt overwhelmed with a feeling of poignancy.  Half gratitude, and half sadness that life is so fleeting and so unpredictable.  

I guess that doesn't describe it very well.  But I feel more present today than I have in some time.  So that's a good thing . . . I think!  And I will definitely be going to bed early tonight.


Album of the day (yep, I'm attempting this):

11.20.16 - Leonard CohenI'm Your Man (1988)

11.21.16 - REM Out Of Time (1991.  Since they just released the 25th anniversary addition!).

Woah.  Tomorrow something from 2016 or you all will think I'm ancient :) 

* I SOOOO prefer paper books now, especially because I want to exemplify to Annabel that I was reading not doing Instagram for 2 hours!