Monday, September 26, 2016

Life Notes on a Monday

Hello and happy Monday!  I am back at work after a kid-heavy weekend -- Josh was working, and I was off, which does not happen very often these days*.  We actually had a great weekend, but I was DONE by last night at around 6 pm

Home kid-life is however falling into a really nice rhythm lately.  Morning workouts (stuck to my early schedule both days), active kid time in AM, still a solid nap for C in the afternoon, and then time hanging out at home in the later afternoon/evening.  We live in an active Zika zone ("home-grown" cases literally in our neighborhood) but I just couldn't keep them indoors.  We put on some DEET and got out.  Interestingly I am the only one who got bitten (mosquito magnet here.  AGH).  ​
Some updates . . .

Running -
Half marathon pre-training is in full swing.  I hit 20 miles last week for the first time in a while, including my first interval run in a long time.  I am still running really slowly (my normal everyday run pace used to be around 9:00/mi and now it's been hovering around 10:00/mi) and hoping that my speed picks up as I get used to 5+ mile runs. 

Monday - 5 miles 10:13/mi ave, 79F

Tuesday - Barre3 30 min weekly workout (this killed me, was super sore)

Weds - Interval run, total 4.6 mi, 800m x 4 at 8:08 - 8:22/mi, recovery between each, a cool 75F!

Thurs - REST

Friday - Long run on the treadmill (lightning outside :( ).  6.6 miles in 70 minutes while listening to Another Mother Runner podcast.  NOTE - I am so impressed at how accurate my Garmin is for indoor splits just by arm cadence/acceleration alone!

Saturday - Barre3 30 min weekly workout.  Annabel woke up and did the end w/ me.

Sunday - 4 mi on treadmill (Josh was sleeping after working late and I wanted to be there in case kids woke up).  9:57/mi


Playdates.  So, playdates rule.  Annabel had a friend over on Sunday.  They totally entertained themselves coloring, playing dressup, and making a magnatile castle.  In the time that she was here, I sorted all the mail, planned for the upcoming week, cleaned up, did laundry, and made muffins.  Basically the other 4 year old was like a free babysitter :)  (Of course I was supervising.  But they were so good I didn't have to do anything!  On that note I am grateful for a very open plan not-so-huge house so I can basically oversee everything from anywhere).

Muffins.  As mentioned -- I baked again :)  I made another Run Fast Eat Slow recipe, the banana spelt muffins!  They were awesome.

Fall.  So no, it doesn't feel like fall here.  (And it won't until November).  But I am soooo in a cozy mood.  I just want to hunker down, light candles, and eat pumpkin everything.  Maybe it's the longer nights!?

GTD.  My GTD system is still going strong.  I feel like I have found planner peace!  And I have stuck to the weekly review pretty religiously these days.  I know I owe you all some posts about my current methods (I was reminded of this specific fact during my weekly review, in fact).  I will do an update this week.  

Reading.  OMG I just bought the next book for the book club that I'm in -- Here I Am (Jonathan Safran Foer) and it's HUGE!  I am determined to finish it in time, so I will try to take advantage of my current cozy leanings and get into it.  

Debates tonight.  I almost can't watch, politics are stressing me out too much.  But I guess I will try.  

* He has ~13 call weekends a year and I have ~11, so there are really only 2 where he is working and I'm not ever since we synced up our call schedules!