Monday, March 14, 2016

still light at 7

Both kids are in bed!  I win the time change!!

Post-work trip to the playground in daylight!

I put both kids to bed ~30 minutes later (on the clock) than their typical bedtime - we're going to ease in slowly.  

We had a rather low key weekend.  Josh and I were both off (never gets old!) and it was nice to just have the family time.  On Saturday, we did venture out to the Renaissance Festival, which was . . .okay, but not perfect with Cameron trying to escape/run everywhere at all times.  There were some Irish dancers that were impressive and Annabel really liked that.

We didn't have any babysitting/official dates and our only meal out was brunch at The Daily on Sunday.  The kids both had swim class.  The weather was low 80s and sunny.  They watched Daniel Tiger together in the early mornings.  As I said -- low key.  

Of course there were some more annoying moments.  But it was all sort of wonderful, too.  The kids are at this ridiculously cute stage, all cuddly and earnest and full of wonder about the smallest things.  It's like, poignantly cute, in that there are these moments that occur that I just know will be memories that I will go back to, wistfully, for the rest of my life.  

I think I'm still in my post-sickness haze of gratitude, just feeling happy to be alive and well.  I am feeling sort of jazzed up in multiple areas of life:  running, work (residency excitement especially!), reading (going to my first ever book club this week!), home life.  I am looking forward to a lot of travel/action/family fun up ahead, but also savoring the slower times, like this past weekend.  And tonight.

How did the time change go for everyone else?