Monday, October 26, 2015

Hobonichi Planner: Daily Template

Mock-up of page to show sections & content

As promised, here is my current daily layout for the Hobonichi Techo Cousin.  I know that heavily templated daily planners are all the rage lately (Day Designer, Simple Planner, and many more) but I love the flexibility (and the look) of doing it myself.  This way, I get to decide exactly what goes on the page, and how much space every category gets.

I realize that the above is rather small and blogger tends to do something odd to wash out photos, so I also uploaded a shareable version on Google Drive: HERE.

A brief summary of each section:

Checkboxes at the top:  I use these to record morning activities.  Currently, they are M (meditation), J (journal), and whatever workout/run I have planned.

Checkboxes along the left:  These are for each patient scheduled - I check off the box once the note is DONE!  Oddly motivating.  I will also note any scheduled meetings or time-sensitive activities in this area.

Under the checkboxes:  An area to plan an evening activity (usually something as mundane as Watch Silicon Valley but I like having something to look forward to!)

HOME / WORK to-do lists:  Pulled from my weekly list and culled to just a couple of items each so that these are actually manageable (for me, this is key; I get very overwhelmed looking at the full weekly list and do much better when I decide in advance what to tackle on any given day).

Bottom left, in red:  Nutrition log.  I do not use any food related apps, nor do I count calories or subscribe to any specific limitations.  I have decided I am a moderator in this realm :) But writing down what I eat helps me to ensure that moderation actually stays . . . moderate.  For me, this is a great way to remain accountable/aware without inviting obsession.

Bottom right: Blog ideas, random thoughts, memories, etc.  

So there you have it!  As 2016 planner season draws near, I will do some more posts on how my use of the other sections of the Hobonichi has evolved (2016 will be my 3rd :) ).  

Which planner are you using in 2016?  Do you like a "fixed" layout, or something more flexible?