Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Like mother . . .

yes, her Field Notes is upside down.  I still loooove that she wanted it in her bed.
pen = 3-color uni jet stream with pink body.  just like mommy's . . .

I can just imagine how much fun it will be to shop for school supplies together.

On a related note, I was just thinking about how much I miss physical books.  Especially books that I want to underline/highlight/take notes in.  I have been reading electronic books for the past year or so, and I do love it for novels, especially juicy light ones that don't require much concentration.  I greatly appreciate the portability and lack of clutter.  But for more deep reading, I am really missing the ability to turn physical pages and write on them.

I can't tell if it's just a generational thing (after all, I grew up learning from actual books, not media) or a mental processing thing.  Perhaps a mix of both.  

In medical school, our lectures were all powerpoint and generally studying was done that way BUT Josh and I took copious notes in pen on the printed out paper slides, and THEN we would make "meta-notes" -- basically a notebook of notes on our notes -- before the tests.  This method worked for both of us, even though we have different strengths and learning styles.

I wonder if the kids today can process things as deeply while paperless?  I guess time will tell.

(I will never, never, never give up my paper!)