Friday, November 29, 2013

tgiving 2013

our day:
morning: family run in mid-50s temps!!  omgomgomg, this was unreal.  a. in her 'winter' gear. [don't worry, she wasn't cold; i think it was mid-60s by the time we made it to the playground]

late morning:  last-minute pie-baking [for me], while josh took a. to play with her cousins


12p: everyone was tired out.

yes, everyone!

3:15 pm: a. ends her epic nap!  she has a sixth sense for taking these only when we have some event to get to.  although honestly - it ended up working out!

3:30 pm: we arrive at thanksgiving 2 hours late.  just in time for leftovers, dancing, and for everyone to devour the key lime pie [yay!!!].

why yes, the large baby bump makes an excellent "seat."
[this feels more comfortable than it looks]

6:30 pm:  we head to thanksgiving #2.  annabel eats again, runs around a house filled with gorgeous BREAKABLE things without breaking anything, and she passes out on the way home at 8:00 pm.

[we follow suit.]

it was a wonderful day!!!

blast from the past:
right around tgiving 2012, visiting miami:

[21 weeks pregnant with annabel, celebrating in durham with friends]


okay, i could keep going but that's probably sufficient :)