Saturday, March 16, 2013

i'm still here

also, still:

~ running a half marathon tomorrow

~ [working on] buying a house in miami beach

~ thinking about things to post and write about, but just not choosing to spend the time actually writing.  i'm not giving up the blog, but i do think i need to formally reframe my commitment a little bit.  i hope you will still read if i start posting less frequently [say, 1-2x/week].

[also, i think it's time to retire these pants :) ]

annabel + my sister at her store, warm 'n' fuzzy

yum [canteloupe, green beans, avocado]

first day back at day care after miami - she was so excited to get back to her 'cozy area'
[side note: we toured her likely future day care in miami beach.  it seems pretty good 
-- but it's hard to tell from just a tour.  i will MISS our day care center so much!]

kk / pop-pop [josh's grandparents] + me and a
genetics at work
almost pulled the trigger but realized there was a no-returns policy.  ahh well.