Sunday, February 10, 2013

february recipes

in case anyone is in need of meal-planning ideas -- here are some recipes on the docket for the rest of the month.  

and one annabel pic.  at least it's somewhat relevant.

"more cheese, please"
[taken after she carefully plucked out - and ate - all of the mozzerella pieces from her 
nutritious and variety-filled dinner]

kale and roasted cauliflower salad with tahini dressing - real simple

moroccan lentil soup - eating well
baked egg foo yong - eating well
creamy curried chickpea soup - daily garnish
taco salad with pinto beans and avocado - real simple

southwestern chicken soup - eating well
chicken paprikash - clean eating mag [recipe not online, but i can post if it turns out well!]
baked chicken parmesan by skinnytaste - via a joy renewed
herb roasted chicken with potatoes and peas - real simple

moroccan beef chili [slow cooker recipe] - clean eating mag
layered fiesta casserole - via a joy renewed
bacon cheeseburger meatloaf - eating well
asian pork with noodles + broccoli [slow cooker recipe] - real simple *

fish + seafood
updated tuna melts - eating well
shrimp fried rice - eating well

maple apple crisp with almonds - clean eating mag

* already made this, and it was great!  but i forgot to snap a pic.

coming up in a later post:  current cooking strategy, which involves just 1 night/week of weeknight cooking but 4-5 homemade meals/week.  it's definitely still a work in progress but i'm liking it so far!