Friday, October 05, 2012

thank you

thank you all
for your honest thoughts and perspectives in yesterday's post -- and also the outpouring of support.  i can't tell you how helpful it was to read your thoughts throughout the day.  there were a number of different opinions, but i suppose that just illustrates what should be obvious anyway:  there is no ONE right way!

as it turns out, i'm sick [day care strikes again!] --  i started feeling bad at work and had a 102 fever by the time i arrived home yesterday evening.  i actually think this may be the real reason for my lame-o milk supply the past couple of days, and perhaps some of my concurrent craziness.  we'll just have to see what happens when i get better.

i haven't made up my mind re: reglan, but i'm leaning towards no.  josh isn't a fan of the idea either [he's been pushing supplementation with formula -- and less stress for me -- for a long time now].

in other, more important news:


[and yes, that's a planner sneak preview :) ]

i can't believe this was 6 months ago.  it feels like yesterday -- and yet i also feel like she's been with us forever.  the days are long but the years are short, right?

will be back with more thoughts over the weekend -- headed to work with lots of tylenol on board.