Monday, April 16, 2012

things i'm learning

just how addicted to amazon i could get -- and we're not just talking about diapers.

what? hair upkeep is still necessary, too

that 'soothing to sleep' sounds much simpler in the book than it tends to be in real life [especially at certain times of night]

how much fun it is to see your baby enjoy herself!

so far this one is actually a fan of tummy time -- in short bursts, of course

just how many expressions an 11-day old is capable of making

i think this one says, "stop taking so many pictures, mommy"

how incredibly delicious brunch made by a friend -- in the comfort of your own home! -- can taste

especially when it includes bacon

starting to SOOOOORT of get a handle on some daily routines -- i'll be back with a post about my attempts at organizing the day in a bit! she's several month ahead of me, but i'm already inspired by some of laurie's tactics. i'm not giving up the planner / lists yet!