Monday, April 02, 2012

sunday scenes

just a regular day
grocery shopping, meal planning [i planned through wednesday! wishful thinking?], and a sunday dinner:

classic lasagna from simply recipes

a satisfying workout

relaxation outside [i kind of wanted to escape to the beach but josh was too nervous i would go into labor 2+ hours away from home!]

[his fears were unfounded]

nary a 'real' contraction in sight. however, i really need this to come to a close soon because the picture below represents 100% of my warm-weather-appropriate wardrobe currently. [neither piece is maternity. and i realize i look a little bit ridiculous.]

at 39.9 weeks

due date, shmoo date

i know someone out there will appreciate this [source]

off to the gym --> OB appointment --> work.

something to read
i cleaned out/organized my google reader this weekend! i have to admit my list of mom blogs is exploding rapidly. the mom/fashion hybrids [rockstar diaries, bleubird vintage, dear baby, etc] are particularly intriguing but they also seem to sell a lifestyle that appears dangerously . . . unattainable. some more practical link love:

why clutter is bad for your bottom line from finances your way

i wrote 5 year plan [and you can, too] by simple mom

simple tomato soup from 101 cookbooks. spring/summer makes me gravitate towards heidi swanson [and meaty lasagna, apparently].