Monday, February 06, 2012

super in comparison

a better monday

this is the first week in AGES that is beginning the way all mondays should, with a stocked fridge, [relatively] clean home, and empty laundry bin. oh, and without considerable sleep debt!

i have to admit that there was essentially no true relaxation time over the past two days -- between my nursing duties and playing catchup in a number of arenas, i feel like i spent most of yesterday like a crazed insect [a hyperactive bumblebee, most likely . . .] flitting and buzzing around from one chore to the next. however, i feel so much calmer today that i don't regret a single moment of it.

super bowl of chili
i think there was some game on in the background last night; josh and our friend noah were quite distracted, but they kept mumbling something about how super their bowls were . . . and i guess they were referring to the dinner i made and delivered to the couch.

heh, i kid, because i watched at least 10 seconds of playing time, several commercials, and the entire halftime show [ <-- which i thought was pretty good as halftime shows go, madonna keeping it relatively classy].

i let out all of the day's steam in a cooking frenzy, and ended up whipping up one classic bowl appetizer + a cincinnati-themed main event [at josh's request].

want to have a healthy super bowl party next year?
well then, don't read this next part. this buffalo chicken dip was decadent, gooey, and out-of-this-world delicious.

i remembered seeing buffalo chicken dip all over the place last year, but i had never tasted it until yesterday! i halved the recipe above using ingredients that i was relatively happy with [newman's own dressing, free range chicken breasts, organic neufchatel cream cheese] and served with celery sticks and blue tortilla chips.

needless to say, the three of us were fans.

however, i cautioned the boys to save room because josh had requested the traditional cincinnati chili [recipe via cook's illustrated -- i can send to anyone at your request!] that we've had at many superbowls past.

cincinnati chili involves a layer of pasta, followed by a layer of rich beef chili [cocoa powder + cinnamon = magic ingredients], followed by toppings, which may include raw onions, kidney beans, and/or shredded cheddar.

preparing a bowl:

the end result:


and on a completely unrelated note
try NOT to smile when you look at these:


off to gym / 32-week OB appointment / work! after i check on my patient of course . . .