Sunday, January 08, 2012


we are on a mission.

the goal:

1) drive to charlotte to arrive at IKEA when it opens [11 am]

2) get futon so that guests can stay at our apartment [needed urgently because my parents are coming in february!]

3) potentially fit said futon [in boxes] into prius. i'm not sure about this one . . .

4) not get too distracted by all of the other random stuff at the scandinavian superstore [this might be even more impossible than #3]

5) lunch with molly, an old friend from medical school! <-- i feel old that i can even say that. over the past ~7 years, molly and her husband ben have had FOUR children [including a recent addition] and she is one of the happiest mothers i know. i will trust anything and everything she has to say about anything baby-related! so excited for this visit.

6) drive 2.5 hours home [potentially with futon]

7) go to whole foods so that i can get ingredients for this, plus a few little appetizer treats:

image + recipe from the simply recipes blog -- elise never lets me down

8) dinner with k + dr. s at our apartment

whew. wish me luck . . .

just to show you all that i'm all in one piece
almost-28-week pix. in real clothes this time!

still fairly subtle from the front [though the dark shirt helps!]

getting serious from the side

anyone else going on any crazy missions this weekend? any tips for successfully fitting a futon into a prius? hmm.



workout: i decided to just sit this weekend out after friday's drama! no real medical reason; it just seemed like it was time for a little break. but i will be back to my usual routine [sans outdoor runs] monday AM.

dinner in
sometimes i feel pressured to get out [to movies, restaurants, etc] NOW because it will be so much harder later. but honestly, i'm not that hard to please. sometimes a quiet dinner in and a movie in bed is absolutely perfect.

superfast saffron rice with shrimp

i used brown rice [the easy pre-made frozen kind!] and it turned out nicely. it wasn't the MOST exciting of all dishes, but i love anything shrimp-related and this would be a great one to make early in the week for lots of lunch leftovers.

our movie was winter's bone. so far it was good but we both fell asleep.