Sunday, December 11, 2011

nice things


of monsters and men, "little talks"

this icelandic group hasn't released their album in the US yet [and i can't find it legally online!] but you can hear a number of live tracks on npr. i can't wait for the full release! there's definitely something arcade fire-like in their execution, but the delivery is less orchestral and a bit more intimate.

lana del rey, "video games"

a beautiful girl with a voice to match.

edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros, "home"

this isn't a new song, but i smile every time it comes on my favorite XM station [spectrum] . . . which is quite a lot!

i've mentioned online retailer invite.L before, but if you're in the market for super-cute small gifts, it's definitely worth checking out!

timetable sticky notes have built-in checkboxes -- love. $6.

felt bag-in-bag organizer, $27. sometimes my orlas DO seem like bottomless pits . . .

they also have cute, functional, and reasonably-priced iPad and laptop sleeves.

gingham-checked washi tape! $6/roll.

so far it has been a pretty light weekend -- and i plowed through my list yesterday [still have two more gifts to buy, though]. <-- that sounds more impressive than it is; my list wasn't super-long as gifts for everyone are not necessarily in our family tradition. the kids [ie, my nieces + nephew] are the most important!

your favorites: any book/movie/music/gift recs you are loving lately?

on a similar note, i can't wait for yearly 'top 10' lists to come out. i'm a sucker for superlatives! and lists, of course.