Friday, November 18, 2011

small victories

this AM
after a week of lackluster motivation and flagging energy, i just speed-cleaned the apartment this morning. i'm sure it wouldn't pass the white-glove test, but it passes the 'generally in order and not disgusting' test.

our apartment has an open floor plan and rather minimal decor [read: we like things relatively spare, and we also didn't put much time into decorating]. as a result, when it gets messy, it goes from peaceful urban haven to disaster zone in an instant.

but for now we're back to serenity . . .

i love our IKEA couch!

good morning, durham

kitchen worthy of cooking in

a made bed makes all the difference . . . and yes, another IKEA classic.

and now i feel like i can start the day on a high note. i may also be a little giddy about the fact that i get to sign the endo pager over in just 1.25 hours [i have clinic in raleigh]!