Sunday, November 27, 2011

my daily discipline

on days like this . . .
i wonder if i'm doing things right by blogging every day.

i know there are upsides to having an automatic daily practice. sometimes, things -- honest, real, important things -- come out that i had no idea i wanted to write about. and creating something, even if it's not anything earth-shattering, is a nice start to the morning.

other times -- and i am thankful that these times are relatively sparse -- i sit and try to type, but just don't get inspired. you all just get to view some mediocre photography [although the following shot is my favorite of 2011] or i post a meme or list of sorts, not having anything real or exciting to say.

happy thanksgiving, baby

this space can be sounding board for me; a mind-dump of sorts. sometimes i work through my own issues and things seem more clear. my favorite posts are those that are honest and raw, and judging from the responses, you all tend to agree. i guess i'm less excited about lifecasting than i was a year ago. yes, josh and i enjoyed some movies and a nice dinner out last night. but is it really something i need to document, or anything anyone else feels like reading about?

i do love to document goals and aspirations -- this gives me an idea of what i'm really striving for, and i know i love to read these kinds of posts on other blogs.

i like to blog about extraordinary experiences, although i suppose even simple things qualify.

i enjoy writing about meal-planning, cooking, and sharing dinner photos.

i like writing about lists and organization.

i used to love writing about running/training/fitness goals, but baby SHU [and TTC] put quite a damper on that. [i miss REAL training plans!]

sometimes i have fun doing restaurant reviews, but lately i've just felt like sitting back and NOT whipping out my camera between courses [besides, josh isn't a huge fan of this practice].

i adore getting your feedback!

but is it all too much?
should i scale back? would i be happier posting a few times a week -- or just once in a while, or [the horror] not at all? will the blog become a burden after my due date, or an even more critical release valve? one of my favorite bloggers [heather of hangrypants] left the whole scene behind a few weeks ago and i would be lying if i didn't think about what it would be like to . . . well, not blog anymore after 7 [!!] long years.

anyway, i promise this post is not a goodbye, and you can expect a regular ol' entry tomorrow. but i just wanted to spill what was on my mind. as usual.