Friday, October 28, 2011

WIATh: volume 3

food bloggers are lucky
because you just don't have to THINK that hard to write a food recap post! or at least, i don't. in actuality, the food or HLBs that i love either feature:

great content that is completely separate from the food [lately i'm loving the fitnessista]


recipe after recipe that i want to add to my 'to make' list [an edible mosaic and the daily garnish come to mind]

once in a while, though, it's fun to scroll through someone's daily food intake -- especially if it's not an everyday thing. i can't even tell you WHY that's interesting to me, but it is. so hopefully, this post won't be too boring to some of you!

previous pregnancy WIATh posts ["what i ate thursday", for the uninitiated]: #1 and #2.

yesterday . . .

6 am:

the usual! ezekiel cinnamon-raisin english muffin + almond butter, with apple butter and a cinnamon-doused honeycrisp

10:45 am: scarfed between experiments

needs no explanation

12:15 pm: shown in ready-to-pack form . . .

last of the kale/potato/sausage soup from tues + a lazily packed accompaniment

6:20 pm: favorite study snack! yes, it was getting late, but i was not going to make it until dinner.

recycled photo of my favorite full-fat cottage cheese

8:00 pm: dinner

i was planning to make this sweet and sour shrimp for dinner, but i got a triumphant text from josh saying that he would be home at around 7. of course i KNEW that meant 7:30 or later, but for him these days that is EARLY! i also realized that it was our last free day together, as both of us will be attached to our pagers this weekend. and so, we decided to go out.

since i wasn't craving anything in particular [and often i am!], i asked him to choose a dinner destination.

the federal it was.

the federal is a bar less than a quarter-mile from our doorstep, with great food [especially for a pub]. it can be quite crowded, but we managed to snag the last booth at around 8 pm. josh was talking about a burger, and while there are healthier options on the menu, that started to sound pretty good to me. in the end, i ended up ordering a cheddar burger while he chose a roast beef special!

HOWEVER. when the items came, we tasted each others' choice -- and i think both of us realized a trade was in order. i preferred the roast beef [on a chewy, crusty french baguette with grilled onions and provolone] and he was feeling the burger. after two bites of the burger, i handed it over and traded it for one of these halves:

objects are larger than they appear in this photo

SO good. it reminded me of a philly cheesesteak -- but on better bread. i enjoyed it with salad and water [or 8% ABV scottish ale, in josh's case]. <-- this smelled so good, i have to admit!

as you can imagine, we both passed out seconds upon arriving home.

yesterday was my LAST DAY in the lab for three months! it boggles my mind to think that when it's time to return, i'll be entering my 8th month of pregnancy [and will probably be distracted as all get-out]. i spent some time compiling my data from the past four months, and had a few mini-panic-attacks over MESSY the results are -- but that's science [and probably part of why i don't like it!]. however, it is what it is, and perhaps some distance will help me to make sense of it down the line.

today i'm in clinic, and then beginning tonight, i'm back on the pager for a call weekend. amazingly enough, i actually feel ready to get back into it! hopefully i can keep the enthusiasm alive after the 283th midnight diabetes call . . .



workout: run/walk intervals at the gym [i wasn't planning on a run, but all the ellipticals were taken!] for 21 minutes, and then weights with two sets each of:
-- lat pull-downs
-- squats
-- walking lunges
-- tricep push-downs
-- pushups [half on my knees now. so sad! but i have a lot more to push UP now!]

i have to say i felt like i was being STARED AT in my apartment gym. i think i was getting a lot of 'is she pregnant or is that just the most ineffective workout ever?' looks. or maybe it was all in my head . . .

espanol: check - and SO CLOSE to the end of the unit! they should give out rewards [churros spit out of the dvd drive?] -- that would be awesome.

endo: the basic science behind early sex differentiation. so many genes to remember [SRY! DHH! DAX1! SOX9! etc . . ] but at least it's interesting . . .