Sunday, September 11, 2011

weekend in venice

sometimes i just don't FEEL like taking pictures of stuff. pictures of our hotel room. pictures of the [delicious] shrimp enchiladas i had for lunch at mercedé's grill [ <-- yes, that's how it's spelled -- her name is actually mercedé!]

and then i worry that i'm letting you all down, or that i'm going to regret not having the ability to relive those shrimp enchiladas at a later date.

and then i realize that I'M BEING RIDICULOUS, and also that i probably should stop reading that dooce memoir before i adopt her writing style any further because really, i don't even like it when she writes like this, and she's ULTRA-MEGA-$$$-FAMOUS.

[okay, done now. promise! you're safe.]

the few shots that happened
we spent the afternoon touring venice beach with one of my oldest friends, laura. i've known her for pretty much most of my life! now she's all grown up and fabulous with her own condo one block from the ocean. amazing!

walking through the canals

squinty shot with josh

the beach + the mountains in one frame!

only in CA

off to the valley today and for some more touristy adventures!