Thursday, September 15, 2011

tv talk

another confession:
i'm kind of excited for fall TV.

okay, more than kind of. the dvr is poised to pounce on several shows that i have missed over the past few months -- or perhaps years. because this is the first season of television since, like, 2005 [or thereabouts] that josh and i have actually had:

a) a decent tv to watch things on!

b) cable!*

* and in NC, no cable = no channels at all unless you are lucky enough to somehow work magic with bunny ears <-- apparently that's a type of antenna. we were never able to work such magic, although i don't think we tried very hard.

okay, it's a little unfair . . .
we still watched plenty before: with hulu and the like, a laptop and an internet connection are really all that is needed for enjoying most shows. but it's not quite the same as curling up under a blanket and watching the nice flat screen. so i, for one, am excited for the upcoming TV season.

here's what i plan on indulging in . . .

modern family: season 3 starts 9/21, 1 hour episode [yay!]

i think i may be the most excited for this show! i have never seen an episode that didn't make me laugh out loud at least once, and the characters are so endearing. it is very well-written and the actors do a great job, and it just makes me feel good inside.

glee!: season 3 starts 9/20

of course! i think i love this show more for its song-and-dance numbers than the actual . . . you know, plot. but isn't that reason enough? i'm super-excited to see glee project winners damian and sam get incorporated into the cast! and of course, i can't ever get enough brittany.

weeds: season 7 in progress

this showtime dramedy actually started over the summer, and we've been following along. i actually do not love this show anymore but it fits under the category of 'i've been watching it for long enough that i just want to see what happens.' as you'll see below, i have a hard time letting go . . .

grey's anatomy: season 8 starts 9/22 - 2 hour premiere

uhh yeah -- this show would also fit into that category. i still watch it in part because the extent to which it has gone downhill is fascinating. i also enjoy getting infuriated at the inaccurate portrayals of hospital life, and oh, just the unrelenting drama and catastrophic nature of it all. plus, some of the cast members are pretty cute and the soundtrack isn't bad, either.

desperate housewives: season 8 [last] begins sunday 9/25

say what you want -- i actually genuinely like this show, probably more than the above two! things got a little spicier when the show skipped forward in time several years, and i like where they have taken things. some of the characters are actually rather complex [lynette, for example] and the cheesy murder mystery plotlines are usually fun. this and grey's above are the only two where i have zero chance of getting josh to watch with me [although he wasn't so into glee before, i'm hoping that his interest in glee project lures him in this season!].

the big C: season 2 in progress

similar to weeds, this show began over the summer so are only a few episodes of season 2 left. however, i watched most of season 2 in just a few days a little while ago and really enjoyed the show -- for its premise [being struck with metastatic melanoma in the prime of one's life] as well as strong acting and character development.

other shows under consideration

the new girl. i watched the premier on hulu and was completely unimpressed, because zooey deschanel has started to annoy me. however, i have a [very talented!] friend doing some of the writing for the show, so i feel like i need to give it a shot.

mad men. i want to love this! but i always seem to fall asleep. maybe i'll try again.

hart of dixie. the next grey's? rachel bilson is cute and i want to see how they depict practicing medicine in the south. i'm pretty sure this will leave me equally infuriated, but as i said earlier sometimes that's fun, too.

what am i missing? am i a ridiculous shallow tv fanatic for liking all of these? will i never watch another show again after my due date? what show are you most looking forward to this season?