Monday, May 16, 2011

don't forget about today

short week
i'm headed into an abbreviated work week -- just 3 days of mostly lab/conference time before my 11 day vacation begins [by one day, this will be the longest stretch i've had off since medical school!]. it will also be a staycation, except for the fact that we'll be vacating our chapel hill apartment and moving across town [to downtown durham].

i have to admit -- i'm already SO excited about spending the days organizing to move, relaxing [lots of reading, yoga, baking] and planning the virtual summer retreat. but today is still important, too!

good things about 5.16.2011
starting off with an easy run on a breezy 60 degree morning
plenty of time for catch-up at work
many learning opportunities <-- [5 hours of conferences scheduled]
i can enjoy being 30 [rather than thirtysomething] for one of 3 more days
i'm kind of excited about making this heidi swanson recipe tonight!

see? no need to hurry to get to the future. 5.16.11 isn't exactly going to come around again, right? [at least not in this lifetime!]

sunday highlights
nothing crazy -- just a lovely, relaxing weekend day.

yoga/fro-yo date [at blue point/LoYo, of course] with sue!

she is a yoga natural!

while the yoga class wasn't one of my favorites [very slow-paced without much of a flow], we had such a great time hanging out and talking! can't wait to do it again.

. . . and i thought both the peach + coconut flavors were fantastic [strewn with blueberries + granola + enjoyed outside in the sun]

i got a new water bottle! i lost my sigg a while back [and was sort of glad i did because i did not like the aesthetics].

it's the little things . . .

i indulged josh's craving to get burgers for dinner . . .

another picture to add to the burger gallery . . . i swear he does eat other things!

. . . and this time i had one too!

NOT my standard fare, but as a rare treat i enjoyed every bite of this loop cheddar burger

we had actually wanted to go to bull city burger + brewery [it's even on my 10 in 100 list!], but they were closed sundays. oh well -- another weekend adventure awaits!


5.14 - 5.15

saturday: 30 minutes on the elliptical + ~25 minutes weights

sunday: 5 mile run in CH + yoga class

the kitchen was quiescent this weekend. ah well.