Friday, May 06, 2011


perfect day?
i loved tina's post yesterday on her ideal day -- i immediately was swept along for the ride, and began thinking about what MY perfect day would look like.

i wrote about something similar recently, describing a do-it-yourself retreat [for weekend OR workday!] here. but what about reaching deeper and delving into future variations?

[at the very worst, i'll get a kick out of just how off-base i was when i read this in 10 years!]


5:00: wake up + enjoy a few minutes of quiet time before heading out on a run in miami beach [a route from home that is now tried-and-true for me!]. i'm training for the upcoming napa to sonoma marathon, and i have to beat the heat, you know? our west highland terrier comes along for the last mile cooldown.

yes: i live here! [image]

6:30: josh is awake by the time i get back, getting ready to head to work. the kids [2? 3? guess we'll see . . .] wake up in a happy mood, and after getting ready we have breakfast together talking about various plans for the day and the upcoming weekend [it's a thursday]. it's 90 degrees today, so i'm sporting a cute summer shirtdress dress from anthro, because . . . why not?

kumo dress -- you know, from my 2011 vintage collection

7:30: everyone heads to work/school. since it's not my carpool day, i head to work [just minutes away!] for my half-day thursday AM clinic.

12:30: clinic runs beautifully on schedule and i see a nice mix of new and return patients. i have a really excited medical student, and work in some teaching when i can. i do not need an interpreter ever because i am totally fluent in spanish. i arrive home for lunch -- and wow, it's super-clean inside! i had forgotten that on thursday mornings, our wonderful housekeeper comes to work her magic.

our beautiful kitchen, all spic 'n' span!

1:30: i get 2 hours to spend writing! on my blog [or whatever 2021's version of blogs are] and/or on my upcoming book on time and energy management for medical practitioners -- i'm super-excited about the project, a collaboration with leo babauta and gretchen rubin due for release in 2023!

3:30: kids come home! i take the younger one[s] to the older one's girls on the run practice so we can all enjoy some time outside.

5:30: we come home, and i head to the kitchen with my little ones while the oldest goes upstairs to do homework. we put on music and make dinner together -- it's one of our favorite rituals.

6:30: josh arrives home from work [ed. note: <-- this may be the most far-fetched part of this fantasy]. we all have dinner together and rehash the day. we also discuss what we will make on sunday, a night when we have big family gatherings almost every week [including both sets of grandparents, of course, + other loved ones who live locally]. the sites rotate, but this weekend we're hosting!

7:30: sister-in-law rachel strolls over from her home a block away, and we take the dogs for another walk with the kids. [on mondays, we head to yoga together while our husbands hold down the fort at home!].

our pup, hashimoto

8:00: we all read together for 30 minutes or so, and then bedtime rituals begin.

9:00: josh and i hang out together after the kids are in bed, planning our next date night [we take them faithfully 1-2x/month!] and just savoring our time together.

10:00: go to sleep only to wake up and live my dream again the next day!

what about today??
while this thought experiment was really fun, it was NOT meant to discount 5/6/11 -- a day that i likely fantasized about 10 years ago! on 5/6/01, i was single and already working on my medical school admissions essay, fervently hoping to get in somewhere with a good reputation + decent weather.

back then, i was honestly dreaming of a life pretty much like the one i have RIGHT NOW, working in pediatric endocrinology with a husband who is wonderful [really, beyond my wildest dreams :) ].

just another reason to remember to appreciate every moment -- because IT IS AMAZING, and who knows if i will continue to be this lucky down the line?

off to clinic with a smile on my face . . . and in my heart. happy friday!



workout: 3.2 miles(ish) outside. LOVE the early AM sunshine!

is that natural light!?? even at 8 pm, there was still a glimmer of natural light outside! again: best month EVER. i was really tired [yes, still] and dumbed down the evening's recipe to just broiled salmon [with olive oil + balsamic] + salad with tomatoes, basil, and avocado.

it worked.