Saturday, April 16, 2011

formula for success?

catch-up day
i'm on call, the weather is gloomy, and josh is stuck at work for the next 12 hours. sounds a little sad, right?

scientifically proven formula for GETTIN' IT DONE

however, it's not all bad news. as above, i anticipate this setup to be an ideal equation for a productive catch-up day* -- something i am definitely in need of! because i have a lot of loose ends floating around right now, and my next few weekends look like this:

4.23 - 4.24 MB girls weekend in boston [yay!]

4.30 - 5.1 in colorado for PES

5.7 - 5.8 on call again!

5.14 - 5.15 T - 2 weeks until moving day

i am also so excited and relieved to be feeling at least 90% human again, and i'm looking forward to my first workout since tuesday. at the gym, because it's ugly outside and i have a serious magazine pile-up right now!

moderately ambitious plans for today:

what's on your plate today?

* you know, after i finish spending the better part of my morning making ridiculous graphics on powerpoint



workout: none for the third day in a row [thank you, gross virus]. i must be so conditioned to regular activity because i feel like i haven't moved in AGES!

real simple #2
this shrimp + leek spring pasta dinner was planned for wednesday -- but luckily all of the ingredients made it a few extra days!

health-i-fied slightly with whole wheat pasta and a lighter hand on the butter + cream

this was a simple meal that really did taste like spring [i think the lemon zest really helped with that]. also, i love leeks. so versatile, elegant, and delicious -- i'd go as far as to say they are one of the unsung heroes in the kitchen!