Wednesday, March 02, 2011

clear list, clear mind

considering the future to stay in the present

are lists anti-mindful?

how about comprehensive, slightly obsessive, detailed daily to-do lists?

i don't know the official answer to this question, but i say NO!

i am not sure what baron baptiste would think of my methods of organization and time management. making lists like the one above means spending some time focused on the future.

but for me, that time pays off in dividends of presence [ <--- this week's theme, btw!]. by creating these lists, i am able to prioritize better and decide what truly needs to be done in a given day. and perhaps even more important is the fact that once i have my plan, i can immerse myself fully into each task without worrying about the ten other things that i should potentially be doing instead. however: one thing that i do think can get in the way of being present-minded is being obsessive about checking off every last thing (especially when it seems like time is running out and it's not likely to happen!). i am trying to be okay with leaving unfinished tasks on my list -- yesterday, "stats #5" did not happen, so i slashed through it at the end of the workday and moved on.

what do you think: does too much planning for the future take away from mindful living? i would be interested to hear your thoughts!

march goals
because my 40 days project comes with many goals and will be ongoing throughout the month, i am keeping my plans fairly simple . . .

i honestly think the email challenge might be the hardest part! as usual, i'll keep you all posted.

to mull over today
today's excavation question from the 40-day revolution:

what are your beliefs about
- your body? [do you believe it is too heavy, too weak, or just right?]
- your relationships? [do they nourish you? what purpose do they serve in your growth and your life? do you believe you are treated as you want/ought to be?]
- your work [is it fulfilling?]
coming up tomorrow
february goals -- recap
thoughts on books + reading (thank you, J, for the post idea!)



workout: 30 min run (in the AM, outside) + 75 minute power/yin yoga session @ blue point

simple + healthy the theme continues. no recipes.

veggie burger with gruyere + avocado + sautéed local kale with garlic

plus, a gratuitous laptop lunchbox shot!

simple components --> winning combination

meditation: i did 5 minutes x 2 yesterday!