Tuesday, December 07, 2010

raindrops on roses

out of my hands
my application is no longer under my control:

such a lovely free feeling

yay! josh and i celebrated with some delicious pinot noir and an 8:30 pm bedtime. my kind of party.

josh went crazy over this sonoma pinot; i thought it was good.

i feel almost naked with no imposing list on the wall next to me. during september and october, i had a calendar with study assignments for the peds boards (still no result yet) and then there was the slightly ridiculous grant checklist. bound together, it ended up hitting the 50 page mark!

favorite things
i loved lauren's hilarious take on oprah's favorite things episode. here is my (less hilarious, more sincere) version . . . i wish i really could hand out all of these things! you deserve them.

pilot hi-tec C pens

spreading the simple pleasure of writing with a beautifully smooth gel-ink line

iconic journal J planner

exotic change from the steadfast space 24

albums by best coast and la roux. both featured on my favorite podcast, sound opinions.

think she & him + beach house
a little bit 80s, and just plain fun.

redken align. the best for taming (crazy) hair between straightening sessions!

bonus: it smells fantastic.

it may not be highbrow literature, but as you all know, i loved the happiness project.

definitely the most influential book for me in 2010

it would be hard to choose between my magazine loves. but i wouldn't want to overload your mailboxes TOO much! narrowed down to two favorites:

gorgeous layout and inspiring recipes

i always get excited when WR comes!

of course: a roomy orla kiely tote to put it all in.

this one is even on sale . . .

a massage. seriously, this year i got several massages and they were probably the best gifts i gave myself.

that was fun!! what would be on your list of favorite things?



workout: 4 miles easy on the TM (9:13/mi, 0.5% incline).

monday dinners: are always a simple affair in this household.

rising moon portobello ravioli with snap peas, gorgonzola, and truffle salt

why NOT involve truffle salt in your humble weeknight fare? this meal was ready in approximately 5 minutes and was delicious.


  1. atilla6:52 AM

    my list of favorites is short...time

  2. Do you happen to be left handed? I cannot find a pen that does not smear and smudge. I had a hell of a time with my thank you notes. Maybe these pens will be my lifesaver?

  3. lee, i am left handed - but smudging for me depends more on the PAPER than the PEN! i try to steer clear of slick shiny cards for that reason :)

  4. I really really like the Journal J. Too bad PayPal and I aren't on good terms right now. No, PayPal, I'm not going to fax a piece of paper with all my sensitive bank information on it to your call center in Omaha because you screwed up confirming my bank account that was already confirmed. Argh. Not one of my favorite things. That I think I'm going to save for my own post idea.

  5. Free time, yarn, the library, Cheez-its, and blueberries. That could keep me content for quite a while.

  6. Redken Align is going on my wish list now. I'm a sucker for frizz tamers.

    Congrats on officially-officially finishing your grant!

  7. Anonymous11:17 AM

    YAY for submitting it :) you much feel sooooo great

    and now that song is stuck in my head ;)

  8. Truffle salt? How have I missed this? Congrats on finishing the grant writing.

  9. Congrats congrats on finishing the grant writing :) I have really appreciated how you broke down what was challenging about the project for you and resolved it - very inspirational :)

  10. Fresh brand Sugar Rose and Sugar Plum tinted lip balm. Lindeman's Peche Lambic beer. Notebooks with graph paper pages. Tazo Awake tea. Add those to my (if I had a) "favorite things" giveaway!