Thursday, December 16, 2010

inspiring interiors

dream scenes
i must admit: i didn't end up completing my day 3/20 assignment until this morning. yesterday was -- well, i honestly tried, but i think i surpassed my personal capacity for mindfulness. i felt overscheduled and stretched too thin and by the end of the day felt confident that i was no longer doing a good job.

but today is another day!

and i have some beautiful and calming images to share, so let's get on with it. yesterday's home cure challenge was to search (either online or paper media) to find home decor or design photos that inspire you. i found this exercise really fun, and i feel like i have barely scraped the tip of the iceberg in terms of the inspiration available!

not only did this help me to determine what i really like, but it helped show me what i do NOT like (clutter, frou-frou -- despite what one might expect, i actually am not a fan of anthro-style interiors).

here are a few of the inspiring photos i found:

a cheery kitchen seen from lonny magazine

unclutterer's workspace of the week: i would love to get productive in this space!

not only do i want this book, i adore the cover color scheme + design

young house love's sun-drenched enclosed patio

small but uncluttered: from apartment therapy

apartment therapy #2: i love books as decor

kohler dream kitchen, although i would want more light and a bit of color!

i always pick the 'contemporary' option in real simple's spreads

you knew i couldn't resist just a touch of orla!

in summary, i found that i gravitate towards:
open spaces
lots of light/big windows
sunny, bright colors - sometimes used sparingly
wood floors
contemporary accents
lack of visible clutter
clean straight lines

link love
i have to do some work prep, so i don't have much time to expand on these new year-themed links, but i found them both interesting:

a post about keeping a yearly notebook - something i have been doing for a long time! this year, i'm incorporating it INTO my planner. i was excited to see i'm not the only one nerdy awesome enough to do this.

gretchen rubin's tips for sticking to new year's resolutions. i definitely plan on incorporating some of these!



workout: 5 miles with 2 @ tempo. okay, it's official: i am slower than i have been in a while. i will throw out some theories on why this might be the case later. anyway, i did (on the TM, 0.5% incline):

- 1.5 mi @ 9:13/mi
- 2 mi @ 8:19/mi
- 1.5 mi @ 9:13/mi

and it was as laborious as all get-out. the end.

desperate times call for a pre-dinner snack. and i arrived home HANGRY last night!

cocktail hour, if you will

barley risotto with kale, sundried tomatoes, and herbed ricotta from the latest CE.

i used purple sweet potatoes in lieu of butternut squash. i didn't LOVE this dish, but it was certainly healthy and will make decent lunch leftovers. maybe the flavors will meld and it will be improved today.


  1. Have you ever looked at Dwell Magazine? It's an architecture/design magazine that might be similar to your style, too.

  2. chelsea: YES - i salivate at the DWELL covers every time i see it on the newsstand! maybe i should break down and actually buy it for once :)

  3. Anonymous8:18 AM

    i totally gravitate towards the same things! it's funny because my mom and my grandmother are the opposite, yes they like things neat and organized but they like having random knick-knacks (well not random, it's all country themed) around

  4. The pictures were so fun to look at! We are buying our first home in the next couple of months and I am on the hunt for decorating inspiration. Thanks for sharing. I think my favorite was the sun-drenched patio...natural light can totally transform a space!

  5. I loved the 3/20 home cure. I think I am more of a color and design girl, while I am still searching for inspiring photos (and I think this is going to be a continual habit) I think I have captured the theme I gravitate towards.

  6. Anonymous8:40 AM

    Have you seen The Wedding Date? Her apartment has a similar color palatte as the Organized simplicity look above. I kept rewinding to look at her apartment over and over again. I could drool over picts like these all day!!

  7. Rachel9:24 AM

    I use the word HANGRY all the time! Love it! It's the perfect description of the 20 minutes before I throw a tantrum because I'm so hungry that it makes me angry. =)

  8. I am definitely the same way - I gravitate towards white and minimalist. There is something about the clean lines and airy space that feels relaxing to me. I am constantly fighting clutter in my house to achieve it!

  9. These looks are amazing. I suppose I like a bit more 'stuff' but I do appreciate the clean minimalist look and as your inspiration pics show minimalist does not mean clinical and sterile. abstract art above your bed will look great too :-) good idea! So can I take your recent posts to mean you are doing an apartment makeover? If so I can't wait!!

  10. Love this post :)

  11. Kind of obsessed with the light fixture in that office space!