Wednesday, November 03, 2010

on my own

7 days of solitude
okay, perhaps that's a bit melodramatic. but i alluded to josh going abroad in a recent post -- and as of now, he is on a plane headed for nicaragua (via miami), and i am not. in our 8 years together, this week will probably be the longest we have been apart (!).

i thought about going, but he is going to be spending most of his time in a hospital working with local surgeons, and i'm not sure what i'd do all day -- not to mention the fact that since this resolution hasn't really gotten off the ground, i'm not exactly fluent in the native tongue. plus, i'd have to take vacation time -- and i'd rather save that for a trip together when josh isn't hanging out in the OR.

and so, he's there, and i'm here. of course, i will fret about him daily. and i already miss him! but i also want to try to make the most of my alone time. i am going to try to use this time as a sort of personal retreat, because i realize that spending the time just waiting for him to come back (and worrying about his safety) would be unproductive and unwise.

things i plan to do with this time
get a lot of work done on my grant!
go to a yoga class this weekend
massage! (already booked for saturday)
catch up with girlfriends
make a point of cooking for myself sometimes
spend some peaceful nights reading

i have no idea how military spouses -- or those with business-traveler partners, for that matter -- handle it! my heart goes out to you. any tips are welcome.

all right -- off to clinic!



workout: 4 miles on the TM at 9:06/mi, 0.5% incline. i am actually following a 5K training plan right now -- details to come! unfortunately, it's dark out here past 7am, so i've been doing more runs indoors. i can't wait for daylight savings to kick in!

real simple - week 4 this little recipe challenge is nearing its end! i think i only have 3 left to do. last night josh and i went out for sushi, but on monday we worked together to make this balsamic glazed pork with apples.



we actually used sprouted lentils because i bought them by mistake from the bulk bins at whole foods. they reminded me of lima beans -- but since i like lima beans, that was fine. i actually really liked the simple salad and would make it again for a healthy dish without the pork! to the leftover lentils, i added some golden raisins and this made a great lunch to take to work.

KA+TN: i didn't work on my grant yesterday because it was josh's last day here, but i am ready to GO on this starting now. i will detail my progress in this section (not because you are all dying to read about it, but because i think it will be motivating!)


  1. One of my good friends has a husband in the army and I don't know how she does it either. He's gone for months at a time. And, to top it off, they are stationed in the middle of nowhere, Louisiana!

  2. I am currently on vacation in Switzerland (visiting my parents) and this is the longest I have been apart from my husband in 2 years. Yet, ironically, for much of our dating and most of the two first years of marriage, I was in NYC and my husband was in Washington, DC. At times we saw each other every weekend, but at others only every other weekend, yet after two years in the same city, it is odd to be apart for over a week.

  3. Daniel and I were apart a lot- mainly summers for internships + the 5 months before we got married because he graduated earlier than me and moved to NM to take a job. I agree with keeping busy. Try to talk a little bit every day just to feel connected. I'm sure the time will pass quickly.

  4. Rachel1:13 PM

    You can do it! Martin and I have been married for 2 months and are still 3500 miles apart! Hey, it's only been 6 years out of our 6.5 years together that we've been long distance! hahaha You just have to focus on the things you are doing. And, when he comes home, you'll appreciate that time together that much more.

  5. Being apart isn't fun. At all. Just keep yourself busy and keep your schedule normal. It will help the time pass. I spent 6 months without the hubby while he was deployed. I did have a very entertaining 2-3 year old for that time though. It'll be over before you know it.

  6. Haha yeah I think it's a habit to always center it even though I don't like it! So I'm definitely going to stop doing it now. :D

  7. I'm usually the one gone on business trips while my husband is home. He catches up on movies while I'm gone since I'm not a big movie person.

  8. thanks, you all -- clearly i should suck it up for the 7 days! rachel i think you win the long-distance award! you two are amazing.

  9. I've always had distance relationships...gah! James and I lived in different states when school wasn't in session, and then when I finally moved to be "closer" to him, I was still an hour away! It was hard to only see him on weekends, especially with my wacky work schedule, but I managed to talk to him a couple times a day. (Thank you, gchat!)

    One thing that helped me when he was abroad in Japan for a little over a week was to get other things to take the place of the time he usually took up. For instance, I had a daily phone call to him right before I went into work, which served as my "pep talk" since I needed someone to verbally force me to go into work every day. (Yes, it was that bad!) Anyway, I enlisted a couple friends and got my daily pep talk from them, so it filled that void that would have existed had I just been sitting by myself in the parking garage. (Odd example...especially since we're not together anymore...but it's true!)

    I think it'll be a good week to focus on you, and you'll really appreciate it when he's back! Plus, who could argue with a massage?

  10. I'm in a long distance relationship right now-- my boyfriend went off to graduate school with my blessing!

    Just felt the need to tell you that you write my favorite blog -- I love hearing about working out, eating, and tackling projects. I try to be very mindful and organized about my work as well. I am looking forward to hearing your plan for the grant!

  11. atilla9:16 PM

    you"ll make it through but since yuo're both in medicine if he does another "missionary trip" you should go with him. It would be a great cultural and shared experience.

  12. Anonymous9:37 PM

    Sarah, right now I'm at home with 4 month old twins and my husband travels EVERY week for work...sometimes just for the day but sometimes for a week at a time. I literally COUNT the hours until he comes back and stalk his flight status while he's on his way home - because I miss the heck out of him and I NEED HELP! Take my advice, ENJOY the time to yourself. You won't have much of it when little ones arrive:)

    Lisa M

  13. Anonymous10:41 PM

    You can do it. :-) I'm glad it's only this trip for you to get through.

    Also, your food looks better than theirs today! And I love your current work bag from the last post so bad.

  14. My husband deploys constantly. He is gone right now in Korea, will be back for a week and then heads to Afghanistan for a year! I liken it to crossing the Grand Canyon on a tightrope. Take it one step at a time, don't look to the end or you are screwed! Seriously though, you are doing exactly the right things. I always plan things to do for me when he is gone and make sure life progresses, both for me and my daughters!

  15. "i have no idea how...spouses...with business-traveler partners...handle(d) it!"? Ask Mom!
    L, da

  16. Just realized I was half asleep when I wrote my comment - it was not meant to be all about me :P I also wanted to say that your week will go by quickly and that time by oneself can be helpful too :)

  17. Rachel12:05 PM

    YEAH! WINNER!!!!! =)