Monday, November 08, 2010

monday, monday

new start-of-the-week routine
most days, i head to the gym or outside to run before heading to work. i really prefer morning workouts because i have so much more energy then, and love the buzz that often lasts through a good part of the day. however, sometimes it means that i arrive at work a bit later than i would like to -- not late, mind you; just not with a nice cushion available to gather my thoughts and acclimate to the day.

last week, i was starting back on service and decided to make monday my new rest day. i arrived extra early, and the jump start on the week ended up being really valuable in helping me stay on top of things. plus, i typically do my long run on sunday, so it actually works out well in terms of rest when i need it most!

weekend retreat
several of you suggested that i use this weekend by myself as a sort of retreat - time to collect my thoughts, have some quiet time, and do some things just for me -- things like catching up on my google reader or desperate housewives (though i am finding this season a bit over the top).

your advice must have worked, because i ended up having a lovely time (once i finally heard from josh, of course). i am excited for him to return, but had fun on my own as well. yesterday was filled with nice things:

an 8 mile run on the tobacco trail in perfect weather
leisurely menu planning
equally leisurely trip to whole foods
work on a guest post for another blogger (i'll let you know when it posts!)
a relaxing evening yoga session
a trip to barnes and noble to use up a gift card:

more murakami, plus the clean eating mag cookbook!

this book contains many recipes i haven't seen before, and the layout/photography is as beautiful as the magazine

it was not a very social weekend, and i did miss hanging out with friends (other than my lovely brunch with miss jessica). but since that is more typical for me, i think the mini-retreat was actually a positive thing.

planner update
i had said i would provide an update once i had really gotten to see how my 2011 selection actually works for me. so far, i am really loving it!

shown above, the monthly planning page has been very helpful in dividing up the numerous tasks all required for my grant.

on the weekly pages, i was worried initially about the lack of lines, but i am loving all of the free space as well as the modular layout for each day. i cannot say enough good things about this planner! my only concern is how the cover will wear -- i guess i'll have to update again at the end of the year.

question of the day: do you do anything different on mondays? any special rituals or routines that get your week off to a great start?



workout: 8 miles @ average ~9:15/mi pace on the tobacco trail in durham. the weather was perfect, the leaves were pretty, and this was one of those runs that just felt spectacular. i wish i could do it again today!

soup for a crowd: for the first time since josh went abroad, i actually cooked! my mother had sent me a recipe quite a while back for red lentil and butternut squash soup, and i discovered it while emptying my email inbox. she warned that it took a little while and made a lot, so i decided to halve the recipe. i wasn't in any hurry, so i wasn't too worried about the time.

i gathered the essentials . . .

exactly 30 minutes later, i had this:

and by a little after 8, i had this:

it was a lovely meal, although i now have enough soup in my refrigerator to feed a small army. i used a sweet potato for the "starchy vegetable of your choice" and decided in the end not to blend the soup, which i think was the right choice -- my favorite part was biting into soft, flavorful bits of squash, potato, celery, and carrot! both my mother and i felt like the tomato didn't add much and i would probably leave it out next time. however, i definitely recommend this recipe if you want to make a pot full of healthy and tasty soup that will last through the week!


  1. I used to have a rest day on Monday too but for whatever reason, I've been doing them on Sundays instead. I like to cook a nice dinner on Monday which I feel like sets the tone for the rest of the week.

  2. Anonymous8:05 AM

    Yay!! So glad you had a great weekend, Sarah!! Your workout to-do list is inspiring. I really wish I could do something like that, but I'm struggling with finding exercise that I love....and I don't want it to become a chore or something I yeah! It is has been a slow process....but I am finally using the university's gym at least a little bit!

    that soup looks amazing too! my mom just made some pumpkin apple potato soup the other weekend...(but this looks better.......shhhhhhh)



  3. I find that making Sunday a rest day works for me for similar reasons. My body is genuinely happy with a day off after my long run, and I feel so much more energetic and motivated to do all my weekly cooking and cleaning activities.

    Even though I already have a 2011 planner, I'm tempted to order the one you're using. I really love the extra space on the sides of the monthly and weekly calendars.

  4. I'm sitting here wishing I was at least half as organized as you are. I may be inspired...time to hunt down a notebook!

    I officially have no weekly routine, especially since I started these twelve hour shifts...I'm off from work until Thursday! Just another day off for me. :) Not that I'm complaining!

  5. I really like your planner!! Did you design it yourself, or did you buy it? If you bought it, do you mind saying what brand it is and where you bought it? I've been looking for a design exactly like that and am so surprised to see it actually exists!

  6. What a great way to spend a Sunday!!!

    My Mondays are hectic but not very productive. It seems like on Mondays I'm running around without achieving much.

    I also use Mondays as rest days because I do long runs on Sunday. I like running first thing in the morning but I end up going to work 9.30-10.00, having shower, getting ready and all that takes so much time! What time do you go to the gym?

  7. laurie: i actually got it on ebay: here! it's korean and by a brand called iconic. it requires customization when you get it (you write the dates yourself + use their stickers) but i love it :)

    angeliki: i pretty much do it as i wrote here - although lately i start working out more like 6:30 and head to work by 7:45 (to get there around 8:15).

  8. correction: link here (the previous was for the newer version which i haven't seen up close & personal!)

  9. Anonymous7:36 PM

    what a great meal! no special routines on monday for me. i wish i did just because it's such a boring day at the clinic. i need something to spice up the start to my work week! the snow this morning did that i guess hahah

  10. atilla9:16 PM

    soup looks great

  11. the soup looks really good, but I am confused. I see coconut milk in your picture but not in the recipe! Help!

  12. This is for Kristen Marie- click on the link marked "view all," and you will see the full recipe which includes coconut milk and tomatoes at the end.

  13. Thanks Sarah! I have another question about your planner, if you don't mind: are the monthly pages all together and the weekly pages all together, or are the months somehow embedded within the weekly pages? Thanks for any info! I'm seriously considering ordering this one (as if I don't already have enough planners!).

  14. laurie: the monthly pages are embedded in with the weeks (ie, 5 weekly pages, then monthly). you can clip them together with the bookmark to easily go back & forth!