Saturday, October 30, 2010

weekend @ home

weekend mornings at home! so full of possibility, so relaxed . . . almost enough to make me forget about the page-long list of requirements for my grant due in ~1 month. (almost).

ugh, too many checkboxes -- even for me!

i slept at least 9 hours last night and woke up to sun streaming in our window.

it feels odd, but i am actually not sure what i want to do today.

possibilities include
spin class
some time spent working on my grant <-- necessary, and i will try to embrace it
filling in my new planner
hitting the mall to work on the aforementioned wardrobe imbalance
baking project?
hike or other outdoor activity (it's beautiful out!)
reading some more real simple or diving into murakami's after the quake

one kink in these plans is that josh is having some back/neck pain, likely caused by a combination of weight lifting and working WAY too hard as a surgical chief. he was so miserable yesterday that i marched him into his doctor's office and basically demanded narcotics -- which actually took some wrangling (not quite to this level, but almost!*). in the end, the second year resident was no match for my powers of persuasion, and we went home with 5 whole percoset for the road, just in case.

he hasn't had to take any of them yet, but i like knowing that they are available if he spasms at 2 am on sunday night. anyway, we will have to see how things go, and i will take care of my patient to the best of my abilities!

* if you have not seen this video and have any experience in medicine, it is a must-see! promise.

how i will NOT be spending my saturday
in front of this here laptop! (well, except for the grant-writing part -- but that is unavoidable). just look at what is outside to be appreciated and enjoyed . . .

all right outside our window!

after you finish reading this, how will you be spending this beautiful fall day?



workout report: 60 minutes of yoga on thursday (dave farmar power vinyasa session) that me absolutely dripping with sweat. it was a way harder workout for me than yesterday's 6 miler (8:41/mi to 9:13/mi on the TM, 0.5% -- should have gone outside but really was craving magazine entertainment!)

roasting rules: i have no photo (i know -- WHAT!?!?) but threw together some roasted brussels sprouts yesterday with the guidance of simply recipes. as usual, the instructions were spot on and we loved the result, crispy leaves and all. this made a good accompaniment to the rest of the leftover strata from wednesday. yes, it was a glamorous friday night dinner at our house!


  1. Anonymous11:30 AM

    I'm in a PhD program and submitted an NRSA for the August deadline. The application was pretty intense, and trust me starting 3 weeks ahead of time was a big mistake! Good luck with yours! I find out my priority score next week, ahhh!

  2. I love days that haven't been planned out already and I can do what I want whenever I want!

    I've got a long run planned for this morning and a Halloween party tonight, plus a little shopping and getting things check off my to-do list.

  3. Anonymous12:36 PM

    i'm just about to head out on my balcony and do some reading. it's such a nice day out! enjoy lady :)

  4. I have been obsessed with Brussels Sprouts lately. Who knew that if you cook them the right way (ie not using the Steam in the Bag variety), they are so tasty?

  5. I've already been out running and plan to sit in the living room in the sun and *hopefully* watch Florida beat Georgia.

  6. atilla9:57 PM

    I'm a big fan of physical therapy for neck pain

  7. I spent part of the day raking leaves and filling five big Halloween-pumpkin-face leaf bags :)
    L, da