Thursday, September 16, 2010

you (yes you) are awesome

wow, you guys. WOW. WOW!!! thank you all for popping out of the woodwork to share your identities (and ideas) with me yesterday! i was actually rather flabbergasted to see the comments rolling in at the rate that they did. it was so cool to learn that:

you're a geographically diverse crowd! i find it especially exciting that several of you are from places i am absolutely dying to go see in person, including sweden + new zealand.

you span a wide age range. from 18 and fresh out of high school to "60-year-old grandmother" (hi, beebee!), there are multiple generations represented.

many of you have blogs! and this weekend, i am going to make a point of checking them all out. after all, i'm sure many of us have lots of things in common.

you don't seem to mind the hodgepodge. thanks for that :) i'm thrilled that my anthro-obsession doesn't seem to be bothering anyone.

it seems like a common theme was wanting more running-related content (a few details on that below). of note, i LOVE hearing suggestions about what to write about -- it is inspiring and just plain fun to tackle a topic when i know that someone specifically wants to read about it. so feel free to throw suggestions out there anytime!

you are super-nice. seriously. to the point where i need to remind myself NOT to get a big head, because of course the blog -- while i try to be as honest as i can -- is still a rosey picture of me. i mean, of course it is; i think all blogs probably are, to some degree.

you all (well, "you all" not including josh) don't get to see me in my frumpiest outfits with bedhead, or appreciate the short & snappy temper i can exhibit in certain moods (working on it!). you don't get to see how many PREP questions i get wrong or the cooking projects that fail (or don't happen at all).

and that probably won't change. well, except maybe the bedhead part.

live from photobooth, it's thursday morning!

yeah, i'm keepin' it real. thank you all once again. you really did make my day yesterday!

running talk
several of you mentioned that they'd like to hear more about my running/workouts these days. the truth is that i've fallen into a bit of a rut. my weekly running/cross-training schedule has looked something like this for the past couple of months now:

this week is flying by!

i haven't even run a race since march (unless you count the pretend REAF 1-miler from last month!).

the truth is, i'm DYING to do so. it is taking every bit of restraint in my body to not sign up for a late fall/early winter marathon or half. it seems like there are so many new ones cropping up, and every time i read someone else's training plans, i think about how much fun it would be to jump into a training cycle of my own. josh is even throwing around talk about training for a 5K or longer race.

but, as i've mentioned before, i've got this little project. and uh, i'm still working on it, if you get my drift. while there are no written rules (that i have seen) about training and working out while trying to conceive (there, i said it!), it just doesn't seem to make sense to work towards a race goal that very well may not happen. and i also think (though i have no evidence to back this up) that it's probably better not to be doing super-hard interval workouts and extra-long runs when i want my body prepared for a different type of event.

so, the above is my version of a workout holding pattern. enough to stay quite active and in decent shape, but workouts that are more "exercise" than "training." thoughts (suggestions? experiences?) regarding this are welcome!

and i'm off
. . . to tackle that '5-6 with tempo' now! tempo is as intense as it gets these days. i still definitely enjoy these runs, though.



workout: 40 minute yoga session -- i used an older DVD that i have from sara ivanhoe -- crunch yoga. it's a little dated and a bit cheesy, but i actually like the workout. it's a good mix of lunges, abs, and stretches, and while it's not very challenging, i did work up a sweat by the end.

breakfast for dinner: i made this vegetarian hash from clean eating not-so-vegetarian by adding some chicken sausage on the side.

butternut squash + rosemary = excellent combo! i'm already psyched for lunch leftovers today.

board prep: finished the pulmonary chapter. i can't even think of a good fun fact to offer -- it was all asthma & CF. but i'm happy to say i'm still on schedule.


  1. Hi there and good morning to you too! I didn't post yesterday but you know who I am and that I'd love if you ever came to Sweden to visit.

    I am also contemplaning babymaking/race training. We want a second little one, but I also love training plans. I was lying low all summer, just doing some easy running but alas, no baby. I planned some longer run but tended to bail out of them thinking that I would end up skipping my race anyway when (if) I got pregnant, so why bother. Then I just got sick of making the waiting process such a big part of my daily life. After all, I got pregant with Ingrid just after being diagnosed with an IBD and while running 50-60 mpw. So I decided to not put my (training) life on hold anymore. Now I am trying to get back in shape and hoping for a decent Half in october and a marathon in december. I would gladly skip any race if I do get pregnant again, of course!

    I guess I just want to give you some encouragement and tell you that it WILL happen when it happens - for both of us!

    love /Jenny

    PS - You look cute this morning!

  2. Anonymous7:58 AM

    have a great tempo! and isn't it WONDERFUL how blogs can lift you up?!

    and i agree with jenny. you look wicked cute this morning!

  3. What about signing up for a shorter race like a 10K?

    Your bedhead looks 1000x better than mine does!

  4. Anonymous8:47 AM

    LOVE the anthro stuff - I am also obsessed!

  5. I'll be interested in following your training, too. I'm sort of in the same boat with training in that I feel like I'm in awesome shape getting ready to run the marathon and would love to run another one in late spring, but I also really want to start trying to conceive this spring, too. I guess you can always register and start training for a race but back out if it's not the best thing for your body at the time...

  6. Anonymous10:13 AM


    Check out this months runners world. Kara Goucher and Paula Radcliffe are featured with their beautiful pregnant bellies. They both have continued some pretty awesome training during pregnancy~ it would be interesting to know how much they modified for conception. When I was pregnant with my two kids, things were real different~i.e., don't move and eat alot. S/t wish I could do it again; though it is a fun stage of life for me right now, too. Good luck with your plans.

  7. I'm no expert on running or babymaking and have no idea if this applies but I was thinking the one thing that might make conceiving difficult is if one tends to lose weight while training. The lower body fat would definitely factor in. Enjoy your run!

  8. Natalie11:08 AM

    I can totally relate to your exercise/conception question! We started TTC in June, right before I turned 32 and a couple months after running a marathon. There's so much out there about people having difficulty conceiving, that I convinced myself that we would as well. I cut back a little in my running, although that was mostly b/c it was so insanely hot this summer. I added more yoga and swimming to fill the gap.

    In the end, it only took 2 months; I'm now 3 months pregnant. So, my advice is to keep up the running, just no marathon training now, and stay positive. You are young, in awesome shape, and super healthy!

  9. isn't "the suburbs" awesome?! have you seen the video that they made with chris milk? it's pretty cool:

  10. Do you follow Roni Noone (Roni's Weigh, Green Lite Bites) at all? She is pregnant and running and was training for a marathon when she got pregnant. I didn't comment yesterday 'cause I was actually geographically close to you - returning from a road trip to Asheville. I barely see any other Rheumatologists or Rheum fellows in social media and don't know why. The ACR just got a twitter account. Rheums are huge nerds - you'd think more would be online. Anyway, Metro Boston late 30's reader with a shared organization obsession!!

  11. I was about the cite that Runner's World article with Kara G. and Paula R. as well! Here's the article:,7120,s6-238-275--13639-1-1X2X3X4-5,00.html

    Of course they are elite athletes - but I was amaaaazed that they could still run such high mileage (and at such speeds!) so far along into their pregnancy.

    On the same vein - do you think you would run with a baby shu in the works?

  12. Cel and anonymous, i just read the article -- awesome! great timing. i do read runner's world regularly but i'm an issue behind.

    running with (the not yet conceived) baby SHU -- oh absolutely! i'll write more on that tomorrow.

  13. Do you read Cross Country Squared?

    She had twins not too long ago and ran for most of her pregnancy! She awesome and has the cutest boys EVER.

  14. Whoa you got a lot of comments yesterday! You can add me to the list, but you probably already know I live in Houston (maybe don't know that I'm 26?).

  15. atilla10:34 PM

    what a whirlwind of blog interaction. U definitely raised your game here.

  16. I didn't post yesterday, but I've enjoyed your blog for the past 6 months or so? Personally, I like the mix that you present, and I'm impressed that you write a thoughtful post every single day.