Thursday, September 02, 2010

pure moods

the happi-stat
i think i'm a pretty happy person, in general (perhaps one could employ this tool to analyze just HOW happy, if it were publicly available!). however, this week?

i just haven't been feeling it.

and by 'it', i mean . . . EVERYTHING.

it's so weird, and i wish i could understand it. work has not been super-busy (maybe i actually prefer when it is!?), the weather has been nice, and nothing bad has happened. i have new pens AND a new skirt, both which have been in use this week. i'm NOT on call (!). i have plenty to look forward to, with a family-centered weekend full of fun on the horizon.

my lame mood defies all logic. so, as a budding endocrinologist, i'm just going to have to blame hormones.

powerful, powerful little molecules

anyone else (male or female) experiencing inexplicable mood swings lately? and what is your favorite trick to bring a spark of color back into what feels like a drab week?

i could use some inspiration!

anthro sale picks
while the acquisition of my new skirt didn't exactly work as a miracle mood enhancer this week, the sale rack is sparkling today with some late-summer spectaculars. i will probably be abstaining, but you don't have to -- get 'em while they're hot!

i admit that this one has me the MOST tempted:

licorice lanes skirt, $40 from $78. such a fun piece that would make any outfit!

cute ruby slippers platforms:

scarlet & crimson wedges. $80 from $158. click your heels 3 times just to show off your cute shoes . . .

drapey, comfortable, and flattering:

i love this dreamy drape dress in purple or heather gray. $80 from $158.



workout: 5 miles with 2 @ tempo, outside in CH. the tempo miles weren't actually all that fast - average 8:25/mi pace. the run felt good overall, though i guess the endorphins weren't quite enough for me yesterday.

dinner party w/ C&L: salmon-fest 2010: josh and i enjoyed a lovely evening at craig and lacey's durham abode last night. craig had just returned from a salmon fishing trip out west (!), and with ~50 lbs of fresh wild salmon in the fridge, they were eager to share!

don't ask what craig is doing with this knife:

in his defense, i may have caught him by surprise with my camera.

delicious fish:

nice wine . . .

and good friends.

no missing ingredients last night!

board prep: i ended up finishing up the 2010 PREP questions yesterday during the day at work. someone asked for study tips yesterday -- i definitely do NOT feel that i have been a model of a great academic these past months, but i will share some of my strategies in a post soon.


  1. Anonymous8:22 AM

    i know what you mean about feeling a bit off. i think my friends are the best at snapping me out of it. they'll take me out and pretty much force me to have a fantastic time. i think the change of scenery / pace makes the biggest difference. especially since my blahhh moods are me just being bored and restless

  2. + 1 to what MM said. For me, crappy moods mean I need a change of pace. Maybe the visit from your parents will help get you restarted again.

  3. Oh I know just what you mean and have been struggling with this for the last few days. Previously I have always blamed it on planetary (mis?)alignment but after an article in the weekend paper I am blaming it on the absence of a stuffed peacock
    This explains perfectly (to me) when things *should* be ok but somehow just aren't...
    Hope the planets realign / a stuffed peacock appears / hormones behave again soon!

  4. Lucky me, my mood has been on the upswing...most of the time. I love that dress. Sometimes when I am bored my mood is terrible. Maybe you DO like work to be busy.

  5. Haha for the past three days, I have been an experiment in the horrors of hormones. Crying for no reason, almost buying a puppy, freaking out about nothing, and of course, gaining 5 inexplicable pounds. Hormones have now abated, I'm no longer fat and shockingly, nothing has me near tears. ;) Don't worry. Hormones happen to the best of us. I hope this weekend gets you out of your funk!

  6. oh sarah - i had the same experience last week. the most down week in quite a long time. and it was magically remedied by SLEEP! seriously - due in part to the stomach flu and persistent sleep reduction for work reasons - i slept nearly 48 hours straight. and felt wonderful. you know - i just need 7-8 hours. that is it. i think you are the same, esp. given all the things on your plate right now. miss you so much. xoxo.

  7. Lacey and I really enjoyed having you and Josh over on Wed night! I always look mischevious when I appear on the shu box. I see you linked to our World Cup Blog, awesome! See ya'll again real soon! -C&L

  8. Sarah, I just watched your HLS presentation!!! <3