Friday, August 20, 2010

style & substance

yet another time management recap
nichole posted another recap of the summit presentation, complete with an adorable list-containing photo! there are also some good tips in her comment section, so check it out.

i also found this professional photo on the arnold bread facebook page:

woah. not sure i'm loving this angle . . . am i about to sneeze?

fashion friday
recently, josh and i decided to watch our budget a little bit. fortunately, my favorite splurge company has played along nicely, with sale offerings that would make any anthroholic smile. while there are some styles that are so popular that they never make it to the sale section, this seems to be the exception rather than the rule these days. wait long enough, and it will be half price!? i am definitely patient (and practical) enough to play that game.

here are a few nicely marked-down picks from the latest offerings:

art school sweater, $50 from $88. lovely for that weekend grocery trip or casual fall brunch.

the secret garden tank is still pricey for a light piece at $40 (from $68), but i think it has the potential to be special.

throw a cardigan over the shifting feathers dress, $50 from $98, and you've got yourself a smashing bargain outfit that goes from work to after-hours

while $99 isn't cheap for jeans, it's pretty good for joe's jeans, here in provocateur fit/ryder wash.

i already snagged this preptastic split diamonds cardigan in navy

one thing i love about anthro is that they are not afraid to feature multiple shapes and silhouettes. some of the items above have a a bit of a throwback look to them -- but i know what tends to work on my body, and i'm okay if it doesn't fall in line with the absolute latest trendy thing. this is not to say i don't enjoy rocking the skinny jeans/pants once in a while, but if i'm honest with myself, there are probably other styles that flatter more.

fashion Q&A!
what is your favorite place to shop? and how do you deal with current trends that might not be the most flattering cuts for you? finally, any items on your must-have list for fall?

fashion is fun! let's discuss.



workout: 5 miles on the 'hard' TM. i swear, this one is calibrated SO differently than the one at the gym! i did 1.5 miles @ 9:13/mi pace, 2 miles @ 8:35/mi pace (which felt like 8:00/mi pace) and 1.5 miles @ 9:13/mi pace, all 0.5% incline.

the improv kitchen: it's not that i didn't menu plan this week; it's just that i didn't feel like FOLLOWING my plans for some odd reason. very unlike me, but it's been fun to just combine ingredients without a recipe for a change.

local corn/tomato/basil and mozzarella salad with balsamic vinaigrette; grilled zucchini; chicken-apple sausage

board prep: 1/2 fluids/electrolytes chapter. i'll be back on schedule after today!


  1. I'm really not a big shopper. Most of my clothes are from Old Navy or Target. *embarrassed face*

  2. Anonymous8:12 AM

    i'm with lee on old navy clothes. but i rarely go shopping because i'm so tall and thin that nothing ever really fits right.

    and i love that picture of you! you look like a vip :)

  3. I used to love Old Navy but now I feel like their styles are a little "youthful" for me. I'm short waisted and have long legs, and all the looooong tops that are so popular now look terrible on me. The sales people say, "Just bunch it up around your waist." Uh.. I don't need anything bunched up around my waist, thanks. My favorite place to shop is Ann Taylor Loft. At this point basically every piece of clothing I own is from there!

  4. I must say that I do like Anthropologie a LOT, but I also try to be careful because there are other teachers with whom I work that shop frequently at Anthro, and I hate to wear the same item as a colleague. Same but worse for kids, although I'm usually not buying or wearing the same item as my teenage students, you never know...
    I must admit that I have my eye on a fall/winter dress that is pretty dressy. It would be fun for a wedding that I have and also just for fancy-dress moments (there are about 3 of those a year that I can count on).
    In addition to my Anthro fixation, I just love, love, love Patagonia, which I call "Pata-gucci". I realize that it's an outdoor company, but they have started to make more everyday-casual items. Plus, I got a dress from them this summer that I just *love* and I ended up buying another Patagonia dress.
    Finally, I'm not really a slave to fashion. I know what I like and even if skinny jeans would probably look good on me, they are just NOT my thing. I actually love the fact that I have some pants/trousers and shoes that are easily 5-10 years old and I still wear them. Crazy!
    Sorry for the long comment. It is such a fun topic!

  5. atilla7:46 PM

    I guess I'm a Macy's kind of guy. Aren't those chicken apple sausages great?