Wednesday, August 25, 2010

school supplies = ♥

pager woes
thank you for all of your insightful comments on yesterday's post! mostly, i'm just glad i'm not the only one struggling to fight the auto-cringe that occurs with the pager beep. i really am trying to fight it though -- and awareness is probably the first step, right?
shouting "zen, zen, ZEN, ZEN, ZEN!!!! " while running across the kitchen to answer it when it rang for what seemed like the nth time after dinner may be a clue that i have not yet arrived at my goal of enlightened home call, but at least i'm trying.

i'll know i have reached this state when i can say something like this:

now that is some home-call mojo, right there.

back to school!
NC kids hit the books today! i know this because i have signed about 8 million diabetes school forms -- luckily, this is not so bad since the form is a genetic pre-printed statement that basically says "let the kid get what the parents say is the right regimen and call us if there is a problem".

fine, i'm not really in school anymore -- but as i continue to bear a heavy load of tests, projects, classes, learning, and yes, even homework -- i might as well be! luckily, this stage of my education comes with a paycheck which only means one thing: i can bling out my school supplies to my heart's desire (or almost . . . ).

however, i'm feeling a bit uninspired this year! i feel like i've already settled upon my favorites, and i already have more notebooks than one can really have any use for at one time. i thought i could share my favorite back-to-school products and then some of YOU could share yours, since clearly i am in need of ideas.

the items below are things i have shared already, but they are tried-and-true.

my laptop lunchbox:

i cannot say enough good things about this colorful and practical lunch receptacle! i have the older version which is no longer available, but the bento 2.0 looks to be just as handy (and cute).

fave pen:

doctors are crazy about their pens (see michelle's august 13 post for details). however, i am actually less obsessive about my writing instrument than one might expect. the above are no frills but work nicely with no propensity towards smudging (important for lefties like me!). i will admit that recently i have been ogling some fancier wares at jetpens. if i succumb to the urge to try some out, i will of course share my experiences.

favorite planner:

i just cannot say enough great things about exacompta's space 24! the blank-on-the-right layout is just the right medium for my weekly lists and the journals always wear extremely well. i think i might go crazy and get the above lime color this year . . . yum!

clearly, this is not a comprehensive list! help me out by sharing your favorite school (or work) supply in the comments . . . either current or old-school (hey, the patients might like it if i carried my 2nd grade trapper keeper and lisa frank pencils around the hospital . . .).

aaaaaaand now it's getting late (i had internet problems earlier). off to work!



workout: 4.3 miles (40 minutes) at 9:13/mi on the 'hard' treadmill, 0.5% incline

clean eating for fall: i received the september/october issue of clean eating in the mail a couple of weeks ago and resisted tearing into it . . . for about a day. last night, i made my first recipe from the volume, super-simple grilled coconut chicken with strawberry and pineapple salsa.

short, fresh & healthy ingredient list + innovative combinations = the essence of CE. served with a microwave-in-bag pilaf that i didn't really like very much.

board prep: plodding along in the genetics section . . . so. many. syndromes.


  1. Anonymous7:44 AM

    i'm so glad that you still get excited by school supplies. i never want this magic to fade for me either!

  2. Anonymous8:11 AM

    jet pens is a dangerous addiction. i liked both of the fountain pens i've purchased from them (lammy and a platinum preppy) and LOVE LOVE LOVE my drafting pencil (zebra). seriously, i think my drafting pencil was the only reason i passed econometrics because it kept me sane when we had to write down all those long a$$ regressions!

  3. Mechanical pencils maybe? I refuse to write with a regular pencil.

  4. I love the Pilot Precise Rollerball pens - usually stock up on a huge package that will last me almost until the end of the year!
    I'm also a bit old-school - I do like to have an actual "grade book" to keep track of kids and other fun things!
    For all that I love cool, design-y folders, I'm really a bit of mess when it comes to organization. You would think that since I am teaching in FOUR different classrooms this year (as opposed to 3 last year and 2 the year before - someone has decided that he/she hates me), I would be super-duper organized, but no such luck!
    Ah well, it eventually comes together.

  5. I'm a lefty too! woo! also, I presume you have figured out that runninginclogs is my boyfriend?

  6. I'm a teacher, so I'm definitely feeling the back-to-school season upon us. It's not my favorite time of year. I do love that laptop lunch though!

    When it's back to school time, I always stock up on pens, pencils, and highlighters. I also need a clipboard for toting all my important documents. :)

  7. I love shopping for school supplies! The right notebook, lunch bag, planner, and tote bag make me so happy! I love binders and dividers too -- I just like getting organized!

  8. atilla9:06 PM

    loved the shout out... and the mojo is real

  9. You're making me miss my Laptop Lunch Box! I realized that I left it at my parents' house:(

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