Monday, August 09, 2010


a higher gear
there's the regular ebb and flow of every day, and then there's overdrive. i had to shift into high gear this weekend. i traded my regular ride . . .

in for this little number:

sleek, fast, and totally impractical, this hot mama gets the job DONE.

okay, not really. how crazy would i be following up two budget-themed posts with the announcement that i ran out and bought a TT (they sure are pretty, though).

instead, what i meant to illustrate with my (slightly forced) car analogy is that sometimes the regular, practical stuff just has to be thrust aside for laser-vision focus on what really needs to be done NOW. don't get me wrong -- i am happier puttering around in my golf most of the time!

but this weekend, there were endo patients galore and i had a presentation to write. i had to cast some of my regular routine (including planned to-do list items) to just go for broke and just GIT 'R' DONE, as some of the natives here might say.

i left board prep in the dust and skipped the weights at the gym yesterday; the laundry is only half done and our fridge is pretty much empty. this is not the way i typically aim to start the week, but the important parts are finished (excuse me, "R DONE!").

and now it's off to work (yes, this early. i want to see how much i can GIT done before the day really begins in the hospital . . .). at the end of the day, i get to trade the flashy model back in for my comfortable old faithful once again -- my to-do list of BIG Projects will be done with, and i will be off of the night-time on-call pager for 2 weeks.

i plan on celebrating with a little of this . . .

and a little more of this:

ahhh, freedom will be sweet.

coming up
-- some endocrine themed posts
-- HLS planning! um, anyone reading this have any fun plans for chicago? because i haven't gotten a chance to figure anything out yet! tomorrow . . .



workout: in times of crisis, i still crave my cardio. actually, i think it is probably the one thing that best helps calm me down in the midst of chaos. 45 minutes elliptical, levels 9-12. i only got paged during this once . . . so ready to work out without one!

josh strikes again! ANOTHER night of being taken care of! i am used to taking care of him since his schedule is usually much harder than mine, but this weekend the tables were turned and he was amazing.

and so were these buffalo bleu cheese hot dogs we had for dinner with arugula/fig/bleu cheese/walnut salad. a perfect sunday night dinner in.

project corner: obviously, some things had to go by the wayside this weekend, but i think i did okay. i still need to work on being more relaxed on call -- it's hard!


  1. when are you getting into chicago?

    i am hoping to do one of those architecture boat tours, which have come highly recommended by at least 3 different sources. i also kind of want to go to the threadless store. other than that, i am leaving things kind of open!

  2. Anonymous8:33 AM

    can Josh enlighten us on where to find these fabulous sounding hot dogs?

  3. I'm not a big city girl, but I love Chicago! You are going to have a great time! The Lakefront Area is popular (and probably quite safe) for running. Boat cruises are good. It's fun to walk up and down the Michigan Ave (where all the fancy stores are). You probably won't have time for any of this, but the Field Museum, the Art Institute and Museum of Science and Industry are all fabulous.

  4. haya: i get in on thurs! i would love to do a boat tour - thurs during day or friday?
    threadless sounds good too. actually we should hit a fun stationary store too if poss =D
    ohhhh and i've never hit up a lululemon :)

    email me or tweet me and we can make some plans!!

    chelsea: museum of sci and industry sounds cool! i should have SOME free time there since summit is mostly sat. thanks for the rec!

    anon: i bought 'em actually - a while ago! they were @ whole foods. i dno't remember the brand but i'll look into it for you (they were buffalo chicken/bleu cheese).

    ok back to work :)