Tuesday, July 06, 2010

another independence day

on my own
no, it's not a les mis reference -- although wasn't the glee version awesome? rather, the transitional period of working with another peds endo fellow is over and i'll have the endocrine/diabetes consult pager all to myself during the day until . . . the end of time. okay, not really, but it seems like it from this vantage point! i had a ridiculous dream that i was asked to consult on 2 ailing patients in the "lung transplant unit" (which doesn't exist) so i know i have a little bit of anxiety about getting overwhelmed with calls and having trouble juggling everything.

while it's true that i'm not going into a field like vascular surgery (ahem!), i don't think my fears are completely unfounded. there is only one pediatric endocrine fellow on clinical duty at a time, and responsibilities include:

all new consults
clinic 1-2 days/week
coordinating care for all inpatients on our service
rounding on old consults daily
answering parent/outside provider pager calls for endocrine (non-diabetes) calls throughout the day
answering outside practice calls, and helping expedite scheduling for patients of concern
teaching residents (formally once/week, and informally the rest of the time)

not to mention attending what seems like a dozen required conferences (okay, it's not that many, but still) and generally trying to get up to speed on everything!

add prepping for the pediatrics boards and working on a research proposal for funding, and it's going to be a busy summer --> fall.

but: one thing at a time, right? i will do my best to maintain this sort of calm inside even when the pager is blowing up! at least i started out relaxed . . .



workout: SSU-inspired full-body strength routine, 35 minutes elliptical (levels 9-12).

clean eating cookthrough: the recipe for thai chicken skewers in the CE jul/aug 2010 issue is as easy as it gets: mix light coconut milk + red curry paste to make a sauce, cook some rice, and use sauce to baste skewers of chicken, mushrooms, peppers, and zuccchini.

except i managed to spill boiling coconut milk everywhere, burn my hands about 50 times (don't worry, nothing serious) and sort-of undercook the chicken (EW). skewers are hard to deal with on a grill pan!

and after all that (or maybe because . . . ), i wasn't even a fan. josh took a skewer off my hands and i gave up on the questionable chicken. oh well, you win some, you lose some!

HP update: 2 more days of my challenge to keep work separate and i'm doing decently. i avoided checking my work email until i was ready to deal with signout and the like, and this strategy paid off.


  1. Sounds crazy, but I think it's always better to be busy at work (well, maybe not that busy) than bored. Good luck with everything.

  2. i need to work on keeping work and home life separate as well. yesterday afternoon when i got home i made the mistake of checking my work email and there was something in there that left me upset/cranky all evening. i worried and worried about it and even ended up having bad dreams about it at night.
    turns out when i got to work today it was something that took 2 minutes to deal with and required almost no effort on my part. augh!!

  3. atilla7:16 PM

    I always use reusable metal skewers with a round handle on one end.. Easier to empty and serve, easier to turn on the grill or in the pan