Friday, June 25, 2010

the next step

it seems like nearly everyone is going through big transitions lately! LOTS of moves, new babies, new engagements, new jobs. it's almost enough to make my switch from residency --> fellowship pale by comparison.

but i was just thinking about this . . . really, it shouldn't! this change is going to represent a huge change in what i do all day, my overall lifestyle, and how i think about my job. i'm going to go from being in a big peer group (a 'class' of sorts) to being pretty much on my own most of the time (this part saddens me). just to start is going to be very exciting, and very different.

reflecting back on residency, while i did my best to take care of the patients as best i could, i wasn't always as focused as i could have been. don't get me wrong -- i definitely learned a great deal and i think that i grew as a person. but there were certain things that i didn't bother to dwell on mastering (for example, congenital heart physiology or traumas) because i knew i would never be directly applying those things on my own.

anyway, i don't really have a point to this section, except that i am really excited to be entering this new phase of my career (life?), and i think the transition deserves attention even if it does seem low key (same computer log-ins . . . parking . . . and a very similar paycheck!). that last part is a bit of a shame, because:

fashion friday: anthro you are killing me
there are a BUNCH of new items out for july at my fave store. but 2 stood out from the bunch to me:

compeer dress, by plenty by tracy reese. for $248. yes, that's $248!! ie: unattainable and not going to happen. but just look at the detail:

so pretty. so delicate. so downright cruel.

something about these waving grain pumps make me happy. perhaps it's the fun criss-cross on the heel. $148.

and these gleaming flagstone sandals are so me i can hardly stand it.

also $148. too bad my fellowship didn't come with a sign-on bonus.

of note to fellow fashion blog readers: check out my little loves. i absolutely adore this woman's style and overall attitude! warning: you may be struck by an overwhelming desire to stock your closet with feminine skirts and tops. peruse at your own risk.

i suppose the aforementioned transition is a good an excuse as any to celebrate, right? tonight, i will be headed here:

and then here!

we're going to see a group called rubberbandDance group, which is described as "explosive hip hop." yeah! i've only been to one other american dance festival performance (an annual event in durham) all the years i've lived here (that's 8, by the way).



workout: 6 miles on the TM (2 at 9:13/mi, 2 at 8:20/mi, then 2 at 9:13/mi, all 0.5% incline) and then the arm/chest lifting session from SSU week 3. definitely some arm soreness today.

clean eating cookthrough: i got off-sync this week and ended up making the last recipe pre-call just so i could avoid wasting ingredients. i was rewarded by a tasty and portable dinner (plus lunch today post-call!).

this site provides the recipe and a play-by-play of the process. i enjoyed these potatoes, but have to say i'm more of a sweet-potato fan.


  1. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Thanks for the link - I LOVE that girl's style! Sigh. I cant wait to not be a poor a med student! Residency to fellowship is a huge step and an amazing accomplishment. A long way off for me but for now I get to live vicariously through you and your excitement!

  2. atilla10:36 PM

    envy the dinner and the dance

  3. Congrats! I hope you have a sweet and smooth transition. We look forward to hearing about your adventures in the world of fellowship :)