Tuesday, June 22, 2010

magic binder

a paper addict's dream comes to fruition
a few weeks ago, another resident asked me innocently, "hey, when you're the endocrine fellow, are you going to have your own little magic binder full of knowledge that i always see them carrying around?"

casually, i responded "yeah, probably."

but inside, a little explosion went off and i thought "omg omg YAYYYYYYYYY! i really do need to create such a binder. and that pretty much sounds like the most fun, satisfying, useful project ever! and also an excuse to finally buy something from russell and hazel."

i'd like to say that the above is an exaggeration, but . . . i'd be lying. approximately 4 days and a million dollars later, my materials arrived at my doorstep:

mini-binder in lime with band closure

buying filler paper and dividers totally brought me "back to school"

and now i get to spend countless hours filling this baby with useful endocrine tidbits, from important phone numbers and lab ordering info to DKA treatment protocols to the steroid synthesis pathway, it's aalllll going in there.

i haven't even started yet, and i already love my new job.

HP yet again
i have to admit i feel that i'm not getting all i could be getting from my personal happiness project. i

i wrote a bit about it the other day, but still didn't really make any changes.

i was talking about it with josh and he mentioned gretchen's self-scoring chart. i'm not sure why i've been hesitant to pick up this part of her idea, since she states many times that it may have been the biggest key to her success.

i also think i need to work on making my goals more measurable and specific, and positive (do something) rather than negative (don't do something). rather than saying "i will avoid multitasking," i would like to challenge myself with things like:

did i stay focused during conferences today?


did i find flow in my crazy AM primary care clinic (including staying off of facebook)?


did i enjoy some downtime WITHOUT opening up my work email and to-do list?

luckily, it's my happiness project and therefore not too late to make changes and add new dimensions . . . anyone else finding the need to make adjustments to their goals or methods along the way?



workout: i almost skipped this due to lingering leg soreness from saturday's SSU#2 leg workout. but i grabbed the new runner's world and gave myself permission to quit if it was hurting or uncomfortable, and i made it through 4 sweaty miles on the TM at 9:13/mi, 0.5% incline. it did NOT feel easy, but i was happy to have survived! finished off with a 20 minute solar yoga session from yogadownload in hopes of providing my muscles with some stretching therapy.

un-cooking: had josh come home at a normal time last night, i would not have eaten this yogurt/blueberry/walnut/granola bowl for dinner.

while i did miss him, i'm not going to say i didn't enjoy this! sometimes an un-dinner just works.

studying: 1 hour board review + ~ 15 PREP questions during a slow period in clinic. i actually had more time i could have made use of in the afternoon -- i think i need to start doing some more endo reading!


  1. that binder is pure beauty!!

    love the band + the lime green. it is going to be awesome when you've got it filled with stuff.

  2. I wish I could borrow your excitement about binders and organizing. I just have an organization phobia, I think. Or I'm lazy!

  3. Anonymous10:51 AM

    omg that magic binder sounds AWESOME! i'm wayyyy jealous :)

    i like how your making your goals specific. i tend to not getting anything down when my goals are really general

  4. I totally have a nerd binder for my peds residency. Everyone in my program wants it, too, when they see it!

  5. I *love* this post! Mainly because that sounds like the exact reaction I would have. Gotta love us organization nerds. :)

  6. I love the binder- especially the green. I really like bright colored things.

  7. What a pretty binder! I saw a doctor googling something while writing his progress note yesterday...made me laugh.

  8. Anonymous12:41 PM

    beautiful binder! do you think this would be helpful in residency? not to carry around probably but to have in bag/at home to write down useful stuff? or too busy in residency to bother...

    i was also thinking of getting the believe i am journal to actually track my work hours and procedures i do each day as a resident -- i think the set up lends itself to that well, but wanted to know if you thought it would be useful, since you've already done residency!