Saturday, June 19, 2010

beginning of the end

it still hasn't set in
that i'm actually about to finish residency. it seems like so recently that i was freaking out over my first day as an intern at our community hospital NICU.

(probably because i STILL freak out at the community hospital NICU).

but seriously: it's been quite a wild ride. last night the pediatrics residency had a fancy dinner celebrating our class's victorious survival of the last 3 years (our 15-member class made it through 100% intact!). honestly, working with such a wonderful and fun group of residents has really been the highlight of the entire process.

the only pic from last night on my camera: me plus YPC, my endocrine partner in crime. ohhhh how i will miss this lovely lady!

i'm not going to miss call nights or code pages or rounding in the ICU. but i will miss this time period of my life, because while it wasn't easy or always pleasant, it was memorable and -- dare i say it -- the years that helped me to truly feel like a grown-up.

(most of the time).

before i get any sappier -- and i can't promise i won't in future posts as the end draws closer -- here is something for anyone reading who is either a) in medicine or b) likes cute babies. yesterday's events featured a celebratory lunch with both the senior and intern classes presenting skits. i enjoyed being heartily roasted (with love . . . i think?) in the latter; believe it or not, the presentation featured a faux screen shot of . . . this blog!

in the former, one of the seniors took the lead in putting together an elaborate video in multiple segments. here is my favorite:

and now
it's time to peel myself awayyyyyy from the laptop and enjoy the weekend. although honestly, i'm loving it already . . .


  1. Congratulations on finishing residency. From everything I've read on your blog, that's quite an accomplishment. Have a great weekend!

  2. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Congrats Sarah! I am so happy for you - it must be an amazing feeling to be starting fellowship!

  3. Ha! I think this is how we feel sometimes. ;-s We made a "roasting" video as was quite funny! Congratulations...hope you enjoy getting to "do what you want to do" next year!!!

  4. atilla11:10 PM

    lol or as my younger residents say lmao

  5. That baby skit is a hoot! L, da

  6. Hahahah that video is wayyy too funny! I'm the person wandering around going "what's my role here??" (Also known as..."I'm only here to do chest compressions if someone gets tired.")

    Congrats on being so close to the end!