Wednesday, May 26, 2010

vacation styles

heading out!
i can hardly believe that 5 days from today, we will be here:

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there are many different styles when it comes to deciding how to best use one's time on vacation. some travel far and wide, while others enjoy returning to well-known sites that aren't too far from home.

some make color-coded index cards detailing a plan for each day, while others seem to go for more of a casual freestyle experience.

josh and i usually tend towards caroline's (beautiful!) index-card school of vacation practice, with planned activities most days, even if those activities are as simple as 'visit friends and drink wine'.

example: last year's visit to northern CA
day 1: sonoma bike tour
day 2: massage + champagne tasting
day 3: into SF: visiting friends + the science museum
day 4: family + friends in silicon valley
day 5: davis with (38.5 weeks pregnant) S + J (followed by a lame-o trip to the napa valley ER!)

action packed and planned to the nines, it was a wonderful vacation and we loved it. but all this planning took some time -- something that has been relatively scarce recently for both of us. and so, we are headed to st. martin on monday with very little planned aside from our flight, hotel, and rental car.

i think it is going to be okay and hope that this will mean maximal relaxation and minimal stress! but a tiny part of me is worried we will get bored or miss out on fun opportunities because we didn't plan ahead. (i should probably tell that part to shut up and grab a mai tai, but -- i can't help it. i alphebetize my spices.)

what is your vacation style? are you a planner who thinks about how you will spend each day or are your vacations more about relaxation? and, any tips for anyone who has recently taken an island vacation? i would love to hear them!



workout: 6 miles on the TM after clinic (speeds 8:57 - 9:13/mi, 0.5% incline). the treadmill at the hospital gym was actually quite comfortable and my hip felt okay.

reading: i finished putting together the board review packet for genetics! success.


  1. Haha I totally just commented on the wrong post... this was supposed to go here :)

    Yay for vacation!! Have fun!!
    For me it depends on the vacation- somewhere new & exciting, I make plans! The beach or something casual- just relax & enjoy!

  2. thanks for the pea response:) We stopped in St Maarten on our cruise two months ago but alas...I have no recommendations as I was wrangling a 6 month old! Live it up sans baby:)

  3. Anonymous10:33 AM

    vacation style? maybe if i knew what a vacation was ;) i like a mix of relaxing and excitement. i hate coming back from somewhere and feeling all frazzled but i don't want to feel like i'm bumming around the whole time

  4. hi, SHU! I've been reading your blog for a while and decided to de-lurk...I'm from the light blue :)

    I'm generally a non-planner vacation-wise. Case in point: I'm leaving to go to Tanzania for 2 months in one week and I have done NOTHING. I may get a guidebook at the library today. Maybe.

  5. Have fun on vacation and a belated Happy Birthday. I prefer to plan about 75% and leave the rest to chance.

  6. atilla7:33 PM

    I tend to be a planner and do a lot on vacation when its long enough and exotic enough. if its just a weekend I'll at least look for great restaurants

  7. Anonymous10:06 PM

    hospital gym? i am jealous you have one! i am totally a planner vacation wise - not necessarily a day by day basis but things I want to fit in through the trip. i've been to st marteen on a cruise stop and it was amazing!

  8. So, I'm a total non-planner control freak, probably the worst of all possible worlds that come crashing together. In all seriousness, I like to plan the bigger picture, but I also like to be flexible and make changes as we see fit. As long as I eat well and have some major naps, any vacation is a treat.

  9. One last thing - I actually don't really "vacation" too often. I take trips, and they are often exhausting.