Sunday, April 25, 2010

just a taste . . .

of a whirlwind boston bachelorette weekend!
running, beautiful weather, dancing, friends, shopping, food + drink -- this weekend almost (see below) had it all. actual people-pix to come, but you all know i made sure to also get shots of the cuisine. in this case, a bit racier than the usual fare . . . it was a bachelorette, after all!

classy snacks . . .

. . . and the not-so classy. so much um, detail on these cookies.

who knew you could find toothpicks like this!??

or pasta like THAT!

festive frock
i MAY have even bought myself a new outfit for the occasion:

this blazing rays dress was so flattering and fun to wear.

so much fun that i even forgive the strapless top for the minor wardrobe malfunction that took place later in the evening (minor because of who saw it, not because of the degree of exposure, sadly). what can i say: play the right song, and a flimsy piece of fabric may not be able to keep up with my gyrations. luckily, what happens in boston, stays in boston (until i share it with all of you, anyway!).

all that was missing
from this weekend was my normal catch-up-on-life time, and JOSH who i of course missed like the dickens. looking forward to a quiet evening at home with him tonight! back tomorrow (EARLY) with a longer recap and a major self-directed pep talk as i gear up for my last ever month on the wards.

now off to catch up on my



  1. haha i love the not so classy snacks. too bad you had a wardrobe malfunction in that dress. it's so cute though that it can be forgiven, right? :)

  2. Hehe!! Love the penis cookies!! And those toothpicks are hysterical!! Who would have thought to make penis pasta??

  3. Love all of the snacks - bachelorette parties are so much fun! That dress is adorable too...I have fallen in love with anthro, sighs.

  4. Racier food? You mean eating penis pasta is not normal?!

    Where does one even find that? I might need some for my bachlorette party!

  5. Meredeth8:18 PM

    Yay! SO MUCH FUN, and it was so great to meet you, Sarah!

    Penis pasta can be found at such classy establishments as condom world on Newbury, if you're in the Boston area (toothpicks, too ;) )

  6. atilla9:37 PM

    just don't get the concept in this daay and age...seems like this generation is perpetuatung the dumb traditions of their forebearers....but the again I thought my own bachelor party was silly

  7. Haha, the abundance and variety of bachelorette party merchandise never ceases to amaze me!