Tuesday, April 27, 2010

30 hours

going into battle
my dad sent me this video that he made on an iPod nano the other day at the uPenn biopond. not only do i think that it's pretty rad that my 60-year-old father has a YouTube account, but i thought this 4 minute piece was perfect for an exercise in mindfulness and calm.

stressed out at work? a million 'to-do' items zooming around your prefrontal cortex? try watching this simple little piece (or googling puppies). thinking back to this soothing, tranquil natural scene might serve me well today.

because it's GAME ON for this ward month -- i'm on call! other than a few scattered NICU moonlighting opportunities, i realized this morning that it has been 9 months since i worked a 30 hour shift. our third year of residency really is a much kinder and gentler lifestyle than the two that came before, even with the scattered hours of the the emergency department and night float.

right now, i'm feeling strangely at peace with the last push that this month will be. i plan on doing one thing at a time, keeping my goals in mind, and just taking things one day at a time, even if that day does happen to be extended into a 30-hour maxi-day.

and if worst comes to worst, i'll just return to the ducklings.

a tightly culled selection
of bachelorette pix! clearly, many photos were not quite blogworthy. but here are a few that made the cut . . .

before it all began: the bachelorette herself, miss (dr.) emily!

we started early. aimée, meredeth, and me.

our chariot awaits!

properly decked out for the evening.

team suck: a surprise win for the underdogs!

the rest are censored. nothing appropriate for the internet ever really happens past midnight, anyway.



workout: 5 miles on the TM before work - 9:13/mi, 0.5% incline, while reading the may issue of runner's world.

kitchen adventures: nada. i ended up eating leftover chips, salsa + cheese for dinner! not the cleanest choice, but it was tasty. however, after a weekend of partying, my body is currently crying out for some TLC in the form of healthy food, sleep (uh oh), and relaxation. i will try my best to meet these needs as best i can while taking call.


  1. The ducklings were awfully cute. There were so many of them! Not sure it says much for my mindfulness that I only got through about a minute of the video, though.

  2. There is something so inherently naughty about Ring Pops! Sounds like you ladies had a good time out.
    I'm kind of glad my dad doesn't know how to use any video equipment, or else I would be getting ~10 of these videos a day (the chipmunks in the backyard, the bluejay, the fox...). I like the birds in the background of this one. It's sweet.

  3. Oh bachelorette parties...way too fun, and I totally understand pictures not being blog appropriate! I'm assuming that means lots of late night fun was had!

  4. atilla10:56 PM

    my ode to the new age of communication is Pandora which really gets me through the day...I set the music mood depending on the time of day, karma and energy level plus the seriousness of the case. I too am impressed by the youtube acct and the ability to actually capture a picture and transmit it. Can't do that.

  5. "nothing appropriate for the internet ever really happens past midnight, anyway."

    LOL good call.

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  7. That video is awesome! I was sitting at my desk just now, just seething with anger about some stupid work thing when I went to my google reader. Watching to the video allowed me to chill out and helped drop my blood pressure by like 80 pts. :)

    Tell your dad thanks!

    Also, it is adorable that he has his own youtube account.