Thursday, March 04, 2010

enough about me

let's hear about YOU
allie recently did a "who are you?" post, leading a staggering number of readers to come out of the woodwork. while i know i don't have the readership she has, it got me wondering how blog audiences differ demographically. so: who is reading?

you don't even have to identify yourself -- even just an age would be interesting. [google readers: the polldaddy survey widgets are not viewable -- just click through to the post or the survey link to see the choices + vote!]

i aim to please!
yes, i blog for me. it's an outlet, a release, and a processing mechanism for me. i learn a lot by writing! but i also learn a TON from you, and it is your comments that truly keep me dedicated to posting every day. i'm always interested in what makes one blog absolutely magnetic while others languish out there alone. while i have been very happy to maintain a loyal set of readers (and luckily did not seem to lose anything with the name change!) this site lies somewhere between those extremes!

i'd love to know: what would you like to see more of? what brings you here, and keeps you coming back? are you disappointed or thrilled when you see another post dedicated to the latest crop of anthro treasures? i know there are certain topics which really draw me in to certain sites, so i am guessing this is similar for you. you can write in an answer if none of my choices appeal to you:

i'm really looking forward to seeing your responses. i'll be back tomorrow with a 'real' post -- tailored to audience preferences, of course.


  1. A few more months and I would have had to check a different age bracket!

  2. Stephanie S.8:33 AM

    I know everybody says "I like whatever you write about"... but in this case-- its true.

    I really like the variety and well-rounded aspect of your blog. I feel like you present a lot of different angles to the same topics a lot of ppl write about-- you incorporate work, personal, running, food... and it puts each topic into context.

    That being said, I particularly like the mindfullness musings, because I think you're one of the only (THE only?) healthy living blogger (that I read...) exploring those topics.

  3. I also enjoy your current mix of topics, because I share some interests (running, cooking, and the ever elusive mindfulness) and am fascinated by those I don't share (the medical profession). I think maybe you don't have thousands of readers like some of the other healthy living blogs because you don't post everything you eat all day. It seems that people are voracious for that sort of thing, but personally I prefer more reflection.

  4. Anonymous10:30 AM

    so i totally know i'm not old but i had to check off an older bracket than i would have liked hahaha

    i love all the medical stuff that you post about (maybe because youre doing what i want to do? heh)

    and i agree with susannah. i do read some blogs where they post what they eat all day but i'd 100% choose to read your posts over theirs any day because you have substance here and i like that!

  5. I'll come out of the woodwork to say that I like your blog for the hodgepodge. You never know quite what you're going to get, but everything I read is super-well thought out and - dare I say it - charming.

  6. Sarah, OK, I'll de-lurk. I don't think I've ever commented here before. I'm kind of shy that way :) and never know how to avoid seeming stalker-ish.

    Your blog is often one of the first I read in my Reader, though, as we have many common interests and aims, and it challenges/encourages me to see how you manage you time/goals.

    I responded to the polls but had a hard time choosing what I want you to write more about, as I really do enjoy all that you write. I guess I relate least to the fashion stuff as I am less fashionably-minded than you, but I enjoy learning and exploring new (to me) things from that topic as well.

    Just thought I'd take the opportunity to say hi.... Hope you're having a better week this week than last!

    -Amy from Charleston, SC (I don't have a blog)

  7. yay :) i am reading!!! i voted too, i like voting hehe.

  8. I rarely comment, but I thought I should since your blog is one of my favourites!

    Like others have mentioned, I like the variety of topics explored in your blog. I find your blog (and you!) relatable because we share common interests (ie: running, medical/healthcare field, anthro love, and sometimes unorthodox work schedules) and it's refreshing to read about your balanced approach to these different facets of your life.

    I follow a couple healthy living type blogs and I find my interest in them sometimes waxes and wanes, because they often lack that sort of introspection and... mindfulness (also it gets a bit boring looking at photos of oatmeal!).

  9. What a fantastic idea to do these polls! I love how there is so much variety in your posts. Antro, medicine, organization, food, health... it's so different from the rest! Plus your posts are so easy to read and there's always something that makes me chuckle :)

  10. This is a good idea. I didn't vote in the second poll though. I like that your blog has such a mix, so keep everything!

  11. Followed you for a while, but have been quite slack in commenting as I've been SO behind in reading (just caught up with 300+ blogs in my reader). I love the variety to your blog, but really love reading about your pediatric residency experiences (I am a soon-to-be PNP).

  12. I'm a long time reader, never commenter. I read your blog because I relate to it (I'm a current MS4 and a runner) and because I love that you're in medicine but lead a real life:) Of course I like the medically-related posts, but not necessarily for their medical content as much as how they show you can be a real whole person and be a Resident.


  13. Fun polls! Love your blog :)

  14. Sorry to miss out on this...I was on call yesterday! Yay! :-)